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PDFs of posters which were on display during the HIV Glasgow Congress are available below. Where there is no hyperlink to a poster, we are waiting for a copy or confirmation from the presenter / submitter that they wish to include a PDF of their poster.

ARV-based Prevention

P001An analysis of congenital anomalies in pregnant women living with HIV in Canada: no signal for neural tube defects in women exposed to dolutegravir
Money, D*; Lee, T; Farjou, G; Brophy, J; Vaudry, W; Boucoiran, I; Singer, J; Kakkar, F; Bitnun, A; Sauve, L (Vancouver, Canada)

P002Use of integrase inhibitors in HIV-positive pregnant women: data from the Frankfurt HIV cohort
Weissmann, D*; De Leuw, P; Gute, P; Kann, G; Khaykin, P; Königs, C; Schüttfort, G; Stephan, C; Stücker, A; Wolf, T; Haberl, A (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

P003Successes and emerging challenges in prevention of vertical HIV transmission in the UK and Ireland
Peters, H*; Sconza, R; Francis, K; Horn, A; Thorne, C (London, UK)

P004Exposure to dolutegravir in pregnant HIV-positive women in Central and Eastern Europe and neighbouring countries: data from the ECEE Network Group
Kowalska, J*; Gökengin, D; Aho, I; Yildirim, F; Bukovinova, P; Papadopoulos, A; Sedlacek, D (Warsaw, Poland)

P005HCV co-infection is a strong risk factor for preterm birth among HIV-positive women on cART: data from a HIV outpatient clinic in Warsaw
Nowicka, K*; Wroblewska, A; Kalinowska, M; Byczot, Z; Firląg-Burkacka, E; Marczyńska, M; Kowalska, J (Warsaw, Poland)

P006Impact of interventions on the uptake of antiretroviral therapy before pregnancy and prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV: findings from four scale-up local government areas of Lagos, Nigeria
Akeju, O*; Agbebaku, W; Badru, T; Orisayomi, S; Ajayi, N; James, E; Adegbite, O; Odusolu, B; Oladele, E; Khamofu, H (Abuja, Nigeria)

P007Elimination of paediatric HIV in New York City, 2007–2018: missed chances to prevent mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) in the era of U=U
Beckerman, K* (New York, USA)
P008Efficiency of provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling in Odessa Regional Hospital, Ukraine
Lopatina, Y*; Kovalenko, Y; Chuykov, A; Tyapkin, G; Esipenko, S; Kvasnevska, Y; Davies, A; Zakowicz, A (Kiev, Ukraine)

P010Generic tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and emtricitabine tablets obtained from the internet: are they what they say they are?
Wang, X; Nutland, W; Brady, M; Green, I; McClure, M; Boffito, M* (London, UK)
P011Geographical barriers result in HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis discontinuation: how to improve retention in care
Greenwald, Z; Card, K; Niaki, N*Lachowsky, N; Thomas, R (Montreal, Canada)

P012The HIV continuum of care in Austria from 2010 to 2016: data and challenges
Leierer, G; van Sighem, A; Rieger, A; Schmied, B; Sarcletti, M; Öllinger, A; Haas, B; Egle, A; Rappold, M; Zangerle, R* (Innsbruck, Austria)

P013Behavioural, psychological and network characteristics of MSM eligible for PrEP enrolled by respondent-driven sampling network strategy
Psichogiou, M*; Papadopoulou, M; Chanos, S; Sypsa, V; Roussos, S; Paraskevis, D; Dedes, N; Daikos, G; Schneider, J; Hatzakis, A (Athens, Greece)

P014Modelling of PrEP implementation among PWID in the Russian Federation and ARV cost savings
Kaminskiy, G*; Testov, V; Levina, N; Samoilova, A; Vasilyeva, I (Moscow, Russian Federation)

P015‘The PrEP You Want’: a web-based survey of online shopping and border crossing for HIV prophylaxis medications
Walmsley, B*; Gallant, D; Naccarato, M; Hull, M; Smith, A; Tan, D (Toronto, Canada)

P016High-risk MSM are switching from PEP to PrEP
Mahir, G; El-Koubani, O; Devitt, E; Gedela, K; McCormack, S; McOwan, A; Nwokolo, N; Patel, S; Suchak, T; Whitlock, G* (London, UK)

P017Sexual mixing and HIV risk among Greek men who have sex with men: results from SOPHOCLES
Bowman, B*; Schneider, J; Paraskevis, D; Hatzakis, A; Chanos, S; Psichogyiou, M; Papadopoulou, M; Khanna, A; Sypsa, V (Chicago, USA)

P018Has the introduction of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) impacted on HIV post-exposure prophylaxis for sexual exposure (PEPSE) prescriptions in MSM in Greater Glasgow and Clyde?
Gillespie, L*; Lowrie, M; Metcalfe, R (Glasgow, UK)

P019Adherence of MSM participating in a partially self-financed pilot PrEP project and its association with behavioural risk profiles
Kwan, T; Wong, N; Lui, G; Lee, K; Lee, S* (Hong Kong, China)

P020HIV-related stigma, motivation to adhere to ART, and ART adherence among HIV-infected methadone-maintained patients
Shrestha, R*; Altice, F; Copenhaver, M (Storrs, USA)

Treatment Strategies

P021Two-drug regimen of dolutegravir plus lamivudine (DTG+3TC) is non-inferior to dolutegravir plus tenofovir/emtricitabine (DTG+TDF/FTC) at 48 weeks in antiretroviral treatment-naïve adults with HIV-1 infection: subgroup analyses in the GEMINI studies
Orkin, C*; Porteiro, N; Berhe, M; Dretler, R; Viciana, P; Tseng, Y; Oprea, C; Johnson, M; Kulagin, V; Man, C; Sievers, J; Currie, A; Underwood, M; Tenorio, A; Pappa, K; Wynne, B; Aboud, M; Smith, K; Gartland, M (London, UK)

P022Cerebrospinal fluid exposure of cenicriviroc in HIV-positive individuals with cognitive impairment
Alagaratnam, J*; Else, L; Dilly Penchala, S; Challenger, E; Legg, K; Petersen, C; Jones, B; Kulasegaram, R; Seyedkazemi, S; Lefebvre, E; Khoo, S; Winston, A (London, UK)

P025Pharmacokinetics of MK-8591, dolutegravir and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate are not altered after coadministration when compared to single agent administration
Rudd, D*; Zhang, S; Fillgrove, K; Fox-Bosetti, S; Matthews, R; Friedman, E; Armas, D; Stoch, S; Iwamoto, M (Kenilworth, NJ, USA)

P026‘Treatment access cascades’: effects of viral load, resistance testing and safety in pregnancy on access to dolutegravir in low- and middle-income countries
Levi, J*; Clayden, P; Hill, A (London, UK)

P027Patient and provider experience of using dolutegravir in resource-limited settings: acceptability findings from Uganda and Nigeria
Campbell, J*; Amamilo, I; Nabitaka, V; Abudiore, O; Nawaggi, P; Eigege, W; Magambo, K; Conroy, J; Harwell, J; Middlecote, C; Amole, C; Akanmu, S; Agbaji, O; Abah, J; Anweh, D; Musinguzi, J (Boston, USA)

P029Management of sexual health in HIV-infected patients: a cross-sectional survey among Dutch internist infectiologists and HIV nurses
de Munnik, S*; Kraan, L; Ammerlaan, H; de Wit, J; Kok, G; Grondhuis, L; den Daas, C (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

P030Cumulative safety review of elvitegravir and bictegravir use during pregnancy and risk of neural tube defects
Farrow, T*; Deaton, C; Nguyen, N; Muramoto, D; van Troostenburg, A; Ng, L; Liu, L; Martin, H; Das, M; Quirk, E (Foster City, USA)

P031Rates of pregnancy and preterm birth in Central/Eastern Europe and neighbouring countries: data from the ECEE Network Group
Kowalska, J* (Warsaw, Poland)

P032Live births, and spontaneous and induced abortions in the Swiss HIV cohort study (SHCS): which factors may predict pregnancy outcomes?
Hachfeld, A*; Atkinson, A; Calmy, A; Martinez de Tejada, B; Hasse, B; Paioni, P; Kahlert, C; Boillat-Blanco, N; Stoeckle, M; Aebi-Popp, K (Bern, Switzerland)
P033A shift in the risk factors of women diagnosed with HIV-1 in Israel
Olshtain-Pops, K*; Mor, O (Jerusalem, Israel)

P034Assessment of the acceptability and swallowability of darunavir-containing fixed-dose combination (FDC) tablets in HIV-1-infected adolescents, using matching placebo tablets
Crauwels, H*; Kurland, D; Chetty, P; Opsomer, M; Vanveggel, S (Beerse, Belgium)

P035NRTI long-term mitochondrial side effects in a paediatric HIV population: simplified therapy is a solution
Bernardi, S*; Leone, F; Tchidjou KH; Zangari, P; Polti, G; Palma, P; Palandri, L; Bertoli, A (Rome, Italy)

P037Molecular analysis of HIV-1 subtype A1 and B dispersal patterns of persons with late presentation and advanced disease in Greece
Kostaki, E*; Pantazis, N; Gargalianos, P; Xylomenos, G; Chini, M; Mangafas, N; Metallidis, G; Tsachouridou, O; Skoutelis, A; Papastamopoulos, V; Chatzidimitriou, D; Kakalou, E; Antoniadou, A; Papadopoulos, A; Psichogiou, M; Daikos, G; Gova, M; Limneos, S; Paraskeva, D; Pilalas, D; Chrysos, G; Paparizos, V; Kourkounti, S; Sambatakou, H; Sipsas, N; Lada, M; Panagopoulos, P; Maltezos, E; Drimis, S; Hatzakis, A; Skoura, L; Lazanas, M; Touloumi, G; Paraskevis, D (Athens, Greece)

P038Missed opportunities for HIV and viral hepatitis testing in the Danish healthcare system
Raben, D*; Peters, L; Cowan, S; Jakobsen, M; Mocroft, A (Copenhagen, Denmark)

P039Prevalence of chronic and acute HIV infection among febrile adults attending emergency departments in urban Tanzania
Boillat-Blanco, N*; Mbarack, Z; Samaka, J; Mlaganile, T; Mamin, A; Genton, B; Kaiser, L; D’Acremont, V (Lausanne, Switzerland)

P040Evaluation of a training programme on HIV for primary care providers: impact on knowledge, barriers to HIV testing, screening rates and late diagnosis
Martínez-Sanz, J; Muriel, A; Loza, E; Uranga, A; Gómez-Ayerbe, C; Vivancos Gallego, M; Sánchez Conde, M; Calonge, M; Reyes Madridejos, C; del Campo Terrón, S; Sánchez, A; Merino Alejandre, M; Menéndez Alonso, E; Martínez Fuente, L; Seller Ripoll, M; Collada Holguera, G; Díaz Sánchez, J; Fuster, M; Galindo, M; Pérez-Elías, M* (Madrid, Spain)

P041Delayed linkage to HIV care among refugee late presenters in Montreal, Canada
Linthwaite, B; Klein, M; Lebouché, B; Cox, J; Frenette, C; Costiniuk, C; Kronfli, N* (Montreal, Canada)

P042A prospective, randomised trial on abacavir/lamivudine plus darunavir/r or raltegravir in patients with CD4+ <200 cells/uL (PRADAR study)
Mussini, C*; Roncaglia, E; Sighinolfi, L; Nozza, S; Catellan, A; Bonfanti, P; Palvarini, L; Castelli, F; Di Biagio, A; Maggiolo, F (Modena, Italy)

P043Impact of a training project for primary healthcare providers (FOCO project) in HIV screening and HIV late diagnosis
Pérez Elías, M*; Sampériz, G; Dalmau, D; Romero, A; de la Fuente, B; de los Santos, I; Lopez, J; Arazo, P; Estrada, V; Lozano, F; Pastor, M; Ocampo, A; Arrillaga, A; Fuster-Ruizdeapodaca, M; Galindo, M (Madrid, Spain)

P044Late HIV diagnosis: identifying missed opportunities for HIV testing in North East England
Horsley Downie, J; Pegler, M; Price, A*; Hardwick, T; Premchand, N; Widdrington, J; Chadwick, D (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)

P045Missed opportunities for earlier diagnosis of HIV in patients who presented with advanced HIV infection in a country where the new HIV infection rate is rising, Turkey
Avcı, K; Yeşilbağ, Z; Şenoğlu, S; Bold, N; Altuntaş Aydın, Ö*; Kumbasar Karaosmanoğlu, H (Istanbul, Turkey)

P046Long-term survivors in a cohort of HIV-positive patients diagnosed between 1985 and 1992: predictive factors associated with more than 25 years of survival
Anile, L; Marino, A; Gussio, M; Locatelli, M; Pampaloni, A; Vinci, L; Scuderi, D; Busà, B; Bruno, R; Palermo, F; Cacopardo, B; Celesia, B* (Catania, Italy)

P047Efficacy and safety of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate versus low-dose stavudine over 96 weeks: a randomised, non-inferiority trial
Venter, F*; Hill, A; Kambugu, A; Chersich, M; Becker, S; Arulappan, N; Moorehouse, M; Majam, M; Akpomiemie, G; Sokhela, S; Poongulali, S; Feldman, C; Duncombe, C; Ripin, D; Vos, A; Kumarasamy, N (Johannesburg, South Africa)

P048Carotid wall thickness evolution after 2 years of first-line therapy with dolutegravir/abacavir/lamivudine or elvitegravir/cobicistat/emtricitabine
Gallazzi, I*; Restelli, S; Piscaglia, M; Schiavini, M; Cossu, M; Paladini, L; Rizzardini, G; Capetti, A* (Milan, Italy)

P049High levels of patient satisfaction during rapidly initiated therapy with darunavir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (D/C/F/TAF) for the treatment of HIV-1 infection through 24 weeks of the DIAMOND study
Benson, C; Simonson, R; Bicer, C; Dunn, K* (Titusville, USA)
P050Safety and efficacy of doravirine/lamivudine/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (DOR/3TC/TDF) in treatment-naïve HIV-1-infected adults with transmitted NNRTI resistance mutations
Wong, A*; Goldstein, D; Mallolas, J; DeJesus, E; Johnson, M; Molina, J; Pozniak, A; Rodgers, A; Teal, V; Hepler, D; Kumar, S; Sklar, P; Hanna, G; Hwang, C; Badshah, C; Teppler, H (Regina, Canada)

P051Success and failure of initial ART in adults: an updated systematic review, including 77,999 subjects from 1994 to 2017
Carr, A*; Richardson, R; Liu, Z (Sydney, Australia)

P052Effectiveness, persistence and safety of E/C/F/TAF, F/TAF+ third agent or R/F/TAF use in treatment-naïve, HIV-1-infected patients: 12-month results from the German TAFNES cohort study
Heuchel, T; Hillenbrand, H; Jessen, H; Pauli, R; Postel, N; Haubrich, R; Heinzkill, M*; Goerner, K; Stellbrink, H (Munich, Germany)

P053Adverse outcomes of first-line integrase inhibitor-based, single-tablet, antiretroviral regimens in the Spanish VACH cohort
Teira, R*; Deig, E; Puig, T; Galindo, P; Merino, L; Estrada, V; Ribera, E; Sepúlveda, M; García, J; Montero, M; Muñoz-Sánchez, P; Peraire, J; Castaño, M; Espinosa, N; Martínez, E; Téllez, F; de la Fuente, B; Terrón, A; Lozano, F; Roca, B; Muñoz-Sanz, A; Geijo, P (Torrelavega, Spain)

P054Comparative efficacy of dolutegravir relative to common core agents in treatment-naïve HIV-1-infected patients: a systematic review and network meta-analysis
Snedecor, S; Inocencio, T; Grove, R; Radford, M*; Punekar, Y (Brentford, UK)

P055Trends in modification and discontinuation of initial antiretroviral treatment in the Turkish HIV-TR cohort, 2011–2017
Korten, V*; Gökengin, D; Fincancı, M; Yıldırmak, T; Gencer, S; Eraksoy, H; İnan, D; Kaptan, F; Dokuzoğuz, B; Karaoğlan, I; Willke, A; Ergönül, Ö; HIV-TR Study Group (Istanbul, Turkey)

P056Reasons for choosing darunavir/ritonavir 600/100 mg BID versus 800/100 mg QD in ART-naïve patients
Tavelli, A*; Palma, M; Lo Caputo, S; Madeddu, G; Bonfanti, P; Menzaghi, B; Nozza, S; Antinori, A; Termini, R; d’Arminio Monforte, A, Icona Foundation Study Group (Milan, Italy)
P057Network meta-analysis of darunavir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir-alafenamide and elvitegravir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir-alafenamide in treatment-naïve patients with HIV-1 infection
Van Sanden, S; Schweikert, B; Moecklinghoff, C; Tronczyński, K* (Warsaw, Poland)

P058Comparative virological efficacy, tolerance and immunological recovery at 3 years of different antiretroviral regimens initiated during acute/recent HIV infection
Ambrosioni, J*; Farrera, J; de Lazzari, E; Nicolás, D; Manzardo, C; Mosquera, M; Ligero, C; Marcos, M; Sánchez-Palomino, S; Fernández, E; Plana, M; Miró, J (Barcelona, Spain)

P059Comparison of raltegravir (RAL) and boosted darunavir (DRV/b) versus dolutegravir (DTG) both associated with tenofovir/emtricitabine (TDF/FTC) in primary HIV infection (PHI): viro-immunological outcomes of two different integrase inhibitor (INSTI)-based strategies
Mondi, A; Pinnetti, C*; Lorenzini, P; Plazzi, M; Abbate, I; Rozera, G; Agrati, C; Libertone, R; Menichetti, S; Mastrorosa, I; Ammassari, A; Antinori, A (Rome, Italy)

P060Viro-immunological efficacy and tolerability of dolutegravir-based regimens compared with regimens based on other INI, PI, NNRTI in patients with acute HIV infection: a multicentre cohort study
Lagi, F*; Baldin, G; Colafigli, M; Capetti, A; Madeddu, G; Tekle Kiros, S; Di Giambenedetto, S; Sterrantino, G (Florence, Italy)

P061Acute HIV infection detection: rapid fourth-generation test or rapid molecular point-of-care HIV test?
Carvalho Rocha, L*; Medina, D; Guerreiro, R; Correia, H; Rojas, J; Ferreira, F; Veríssimo, L; Pinto, N; Brito, J; Mendão, L (Lisbon, Portugal)

P062Primary HIV: clinical experience from an outpatient HIV clinic in Portugal
Abreu, I; Palma, P; Graça, L*; Ruas, R; Filipe, R; Branco, E; Tavares, M; Caldas, C; Piñeiro, C; Soares, J; Serrão, R; Sarmento, A (Porto, Portugal)

P063Factors associated with viral load completion in a subset of European countries
Adjei, P*; Cournil, A; Stengaard, A; Bertagnolio, S; Dara, M; Vovc, E; Jordan, M; Doherty, M (Boston, USA)

P064Outcomes of patients not achieving primary endpoint from an ibalizumab phase III trial
DeJesus, E*; Emu, B; Weinheimer, S; Cohen, Z; Cash, B; Lewis, S (Orlando, USA)

P065Psychometric development and preliminary analyses of a new symptom measure for individuals living with HIV: HIV Symptom Rating Questionnaire (HIVSRQ)
Romaine, J*; Murray, M; Bradley, C (London, UK)

P066Impact of HIV on quality of life: preliminary data exploring differences by sex and country (UK and USA) using the HIV Dependent Quality of Life (HIVDQoL) questionnaire
Romaine, J*; Murray, M; Bradley, C (London, UK)

P068Determinants of switching to two-drug combinations with HIV-RNA ≤50 copies/mL in a cohort of HIV-infected individuals seen for care in Italy
Cozzi-Lepri, A*; Diaz-Cuervo, H; Gianotti, N; Lapadula, G; De Luca, A; Maggiolo, F; Rusconi, S; Bobbio, N; Esposito, V; Moioli, M; Madeddu, G; Antinori, A; d’Arminio Monforte, A, Icona Foundation Study Group (London, UK)

P069Effectiveness, persistence and safety of E/C/F/TAF, F/TAF+ third agent or R/F/TAF in treatment-experienced, HIV-1-infected patients: 12-month results from the German TAFNES cohort study
Hillenbrand, H; Knechten, H; Kuemmerle, T; Scholten, S; Schuebel, N; Haubrich, R; Heinzkill, M*; Goerner, K; Stellbrink, H (Munich, Germany)

P070Determinants of switching to TAF-based cART or two-drug combinations with HIV-RNA ≤50 copies/mL in a cohort of HIV-infected individuals seen for care in Italy
Cozzi-Lepri, A*; d’Arminio Monforte, A; Capetti, A; De Luca, A; Castagna, A; Bernacchia, D; Bai, F; Zaccarelli, M; Cingolani, A; Mussini, C; Perno, C; Antinori, A, Icona Foundation Study Group (London, UK)

P071Effectiveness and safety of a dual therapy with boosted darunavir and dolutegravir in patients with an advanced HIV infection
Pasquau, J*; Garcia, C; Muñoz, L; Ferra, S; Brieva, T; Verdejo, G; Garcia, J; Sanchez, V; De Jesus, S; Galvez, M; Vinuesa, D; Lopez, M; Hidalgo, C (Granada, Spain)

P072Dual therapy with dolutegravir plus ritonavir-boosted or unboosted atazanavir as a maintenance treatment in highly-experienced, HIV-infected patients
Fayçal, A; Abdi, B; Peytavin, G; Tebano, G; Schneider, L; Seang, S; Simon, A; Tubiana, R; Valantin, M; Marcelin, A; Katlama, C; Palich, R* (Paris, France)

P074Hospital admissions due to medical conditions in a public healthcare system with free access to antiretroviral treatment
Andreu-Crespo, À; Sala-Piñol, F; Vilariño, A; Cardona-Peitx, G; Santos Fernandez, J; Lorenzo Górriz, M; Módol Deltell, J; Clotet Sala, B; Bonafont Pujol, X; Llibre Codina, J* (Badalona, Spain)

P075HIV-EVOL: changes in ART during hospitalisation from 2009 to 2017 in a tertiary hospital in Madrid (Spain)
Díaz-de Santiago, A*; De La Fuente, S; Biscari, L; Martin, P; Folguera, C; Ángel-Moreno, A (Madrid, Spain)

P076Chemsex drugs on the rise among MSM: a longitudinal analysis of the Swiss HIV cohort study from 2007 to 2017
Hampel, B*; Kusejko, K; Kouyos, R; Boeni, J; Flepp, M; Stoeckle, M; Conen, A; Béguelin, C; Künzler-Heule, P; Nicca, D; Schmidt, A; Nguyen, H; Delaloye, J; Rougemont, M; Bernasconi, E; Rauch, A; Günthard, H; Braun, D; Fehr, J (Zurich, Switzerland)

P077Using real-time phylodynamic analysis to assess and guide public health interventions in a HIV outbreak among people who inject drugs in Scotland
Ragonnet-Cronin, M; Bradley-Stewart, A*; Metcalfe, R; Peters, E; Gunson, R; McAuley, A; Milosevic, C; Leigh Brown, A (Glasgow, UK)

P078An outbreak of HIV amongst homeless people who inject drugs (PWIDs): an innovative HIV clinical service model adaptation leading to successful clinical outcomes
Metcalfe, R*; Glover, C; Brown, K; Peters, E (Glasgow, UK)

P079Is early ART achievable in people who inject drugs (PWIDs) living with HIV?
Metcalfe, R*; McAuley, A; Wallace, L; Hutchinson, S; Goldberg, D (Glasgow, UK)

P080Providing HIV ARVs via community pharmacies alongside opiate replacement therapy (ORT) during a HIV outbreak amongst people who inject drugs (PWIDs)
O’Hara, R*; Murphy, L; Metcalfe, R; Peters, E; Harrison, A; Brown, K (Glasgow, UK)

P081Nurses at the forefront: a new HIV service model for people who inject drugs (PWIDs) in Glasgow
Glover, C; Curtis, S; Kirkwood, S; McGinness, P; Anderson, P* (Glasgow, UK)

P082Successful treatment of hepatitis C in a HIV co-infected underserved people who inject drugs (PWID) population in Glasgow, UK
Black, H*; Anderson, P; Chung, C; Pickard, V; Perrow, K; Peters, S (Glasgow, UK)

P083Real-world persistence of E/C/F/TAF versus DTG+ABC/3TC regimens for the treatment of HIV in a large Spanish cohort: VACH
Teira, R*; Romero, A; Roca, B; Munoz-Sanchez, M; Sepulveda, M; Puig, T; Espinosa, N; Merino, M; Geijo, P; Castano, M; Estrada, V; Ribera, E; Domingo, P; De la Fuente, B; Montero, M; Galindo, M; Peraire, J; Martinez, E; Lozano, F; Terron, A; Garcia, J; Deig, E; Munoz-Sanz, A; Gutierrez, M (Torrelavega, Spain)

P084Assessing the impact of food insecurity on HIV medication adherence in the context of an integrated care facility for people living with HIV in Vancouver, Canada
Koehn, K*; McLinden, T; Collins, A; McDougall, P; Baltzer-Turje, R; Wang, C; Li, J; Salters, K; Parashar, S; Hogg, R (Vancouver, Canada)

P085Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder in HIV-infected individuals: is it associated with non-adherence to treatment?
Uysal, S; Elbi, H; Mermut, G; Önen Sertöz, Ö; Kaptan, F; Gulpek, D; Gökengin, D* (Izmir, Turkey)

P086The ‘Doctor Apollo’ chatbot: a digital health tool to improve engagement of people living with HIV
Vita, S*; Marocco, R; Pozzetto, I; Morlino, G; Vigilante, E; Palmacci, V; Fondaco, L; Kertusha, B; Renzelli, M; Mercurio, V; Vullo, V; Mastroianni, C; Lichtner, M (Latina, Italy)
P087Health resources consumption and persistence in patients with HIV treated with standard of care triple therapy or two-drug combination regimens
Sangiorgi, D; Perrone, V; Degli Esposti, L* (Ravenna, Italy)

P089Impact of recreational drug use on people living with HIV’s health
Castro, V; Leal, L; Garín, N; Casado, J; Cenoz, S*; Jaén, A; Galindo, M; Fuster-RuizdeApodaca, M (Madrid, Spain)

P090Antiretroviral therapy retention times and predictors of retention to care among HIV-infected patients in the Ukraine
Kyrychenko, T* (Poltava, Ukraine)

P092Analysis of impediments to the maintenance in care of people with HIV in Italy
Battistella, A*; Errico, M; Rossetti, B; Pontali, E; Bassetti, M; Lichtner, M; Rizzi, M; Manfrin, V; Gori, A; Celesia, B; Viscoli, C; Comelli, A; Angarano, G; Lazzarin, A; Castagna, A; Borgia, G; Menzaghi, B; Nunnari, G; Corsini, R; Calza, L; Vichi, F; Fontanelli Sulekova, L; Giannetti, A; Magnani, G; d’Arminio Monforte, A; Iardino, M; Rizzardini, G (Milan, Italy)
P093Efficacy of intermittent short cycles of integrase inhibitor-based maintenance antiretroviral therapy in virologically suppressed HIV patients
Calin, R; Landowski, S; Agher, R; Marcou, M; Blanc, C; Valantin, M; Caby, F; Katlama, C*; De Truchis, P (Paris, France)

P094DOLAM study: effectiveness and safety of a dual therapy with dolutegravir plus lamivudine in treatment-experienced HIV patients
Hidalgo-Tenorio, C*; De Jesus, S; López Cortés, L; Santos, J; Gomez, M; Ferra, S; Garcia Vallecillos, C; Pasquau, J (Granada, Spain)

P095Long-term follow-up of dolutegravir as a single antiretroviral agent in patients with suppressed HIV viraemia
Tebano, G; Schneider, L; Soulié, C; Blanc, C; Seang, S; Valantin, M; Tubiana, R; Marcelin, A; Katlama, C* (Paris, France)

P096Switching to the combination of dolutegravir plus rilpivirine as a dual therapy in the clinical setting: a prospective cohort study
Monsalvo Hernando, M; Fontecha, M; Vivancos, M; Rodriguez-Sagrado, M; Moreno, A; Pérez-Elías, M; Casado, J* (Madrid, Spain)

P097Higher rate of virological failure in women compared with men when starting dual antiretroviral treatment: sex-specific analysis from the Frankfurt HIV cohort
Koenigs, B*; Bickel, M; Goepel, S; Gute, P; Herrmann, E; de Leuw, P; Schuettfort, G; Stephan, C; Wolf, T; Haberl, A (Frankfurt, Germany)

P098Determinants and outcomes of the choice to switch to dolutegravir within different three- or two-drug regimens in a single-centre cohort: the DOLUTILITY study
Restelli, S; Romeri, F; Piscaglia, M; Rizzelli, D; Gallazzi, I; Paladini, L; Cossu, M; Micheli, V; Capetti, A* (Milan, Italy)

P100Incidence and determinants of antiretroviral switching away from TDF-based backbone in recent years in the Icona Foundation cohort
Vergori, A*; Lorenzini, P; Cozzi Lepri, A; Maggiolo, F; Lapadula, G; De Luca, A; Cingolani, A; Galli, M; Mazzarello, G; Milini, P; D’Arminio Monforte, A; Antinori, A, Icona Foundation Study Group (Rome, Italy)

P101Patient-reported outcomes after switching to a two-drug regimen of dolutegravir + rilpivirine: Week 100 results from the SWORD-1 and SWORD-2 studies
Oglesby, A; Angelis, K; Punekar, Y; Lopes, S; Antela, A; Aboud, M; Blair, E; Kahl, L; Gartland, M; Wynne, B; Murray, M* (Brentford, UK)

P102Switch to dolutegravir from a boosted protease inhibitor associated with significant weight gain over 48 weeks in NEAT-022, a randomised 96-week trial
Waters, L*; Assoumou, L; Rusconi, S; Domingo, P; Gompels, M; de Wit, S; Raffi, F; Stephan, C; Rockstroh, J; Katlama, C; Behrens, G; Gatell, J; Pozniak, A; Martinez, E (London, UK)

P103Soluble CD14 levels decrease after switching from a dual regimen with 3TC+PI/r to 3TC+DTG in virologically suppressed HIV-infected patients
Lombardi, F*; Belmonti, S; Borghetti, A; Lamonica, S; Ciccullo, A; Picarelli, C; Baldin, G; Emiliozzi, A; Moschese, D; Dusina, A; Fabbiani, M; Cauda, R; Di Giambenedetto, S (Rome, Italy)

P104Dolutegravir + lamivudine dual therapy in patients with suppressed HIV-RNA: long-term virological and immunological results of a multicentre cohort
Maggiolo, F*; Comi, L; Gulminetti, R; Pagnucco, L; Digaetano, M; Di Filippo, E; Valenti, D; Lorenzini, P; Mussini, C (Bergamo, Italy)

P105Improvements in patient-reported outcomes of dolutegravir (DTG)-based second-line treatment compared with lopinavir/ritonavir (LPV/r)-based treatment: results from the DAWNING study
Murray, M*; Hopking, J; Sievers, J; Aboud, M; Brown, D; Nascimento, M; Gartland, M; Smith, K; Punekar, Y (Brentford, UK)

P106Virological outcome after switching a suppressive HAART to dolutegravir (DTG) with two NRTIs among HIV-1-infected patients: potential effects of previous suboptimal therapies or previous virological failures
Sangare, M*; Baril, J; De Pokomandy, A; Laprise, C; Thomas, R; Klein, M; Tremblay, C; Greenwald, Z; Pexos, C; Machouf, N; Durand, M; Trottier, H (Montreal, Canada)

P107Efficacy of rilpivirine-based regimens as switch therapy from nevirapine-based regimens in HIV-infected patients with complete virological suppression: a randomised, controlled trial
Petchkum, P*; Sungkanuparp, S; Kiertiburanakul, S; Phuphuakrat, A (Bangkok, Thailand)

P108Patient-reported outcomes in an observational cohort of adult HIV-1-positive patients after 48 weeks of treatment of darunavir/cobicistat-based regimens (TMC114FD1HTX4003: ST.O.RE. study)
Antinori, A*; Gori, A; Ripamonti, D; Rusconi, S; Gianotti, N; Maserati, R; Muscatello, A; Di Cristo, V; Castagna, A; Rizzardini, G; Cattelan, A; Menzaghi, B; Sterrantino, G; Kiros, S; Castelli, F; Focà, E; Saccani, B; Orofino, G; Farenga, M; Cauda, R; La Monica, S; Vullo, V; De Luca, A; Rossetti, B; Manzillo, E; Gioè, C; Celesia, B; Locatelli, M; Madeddu, G; Bagella, P; Santantonio, T; Ferrara, S; Cosco, L; Pontali, E; d’Arminio Monforte, A; Curetti, R; Andreoni, M; Stingone, C; Uglietti, A; Termini, R; Mancusi, D (Rome, Italy)

P109Effectiveness and safety of cobicistat-boosted darunavir-based antiretroviral treatment in an Italian observational cohort: the TMC114FD1HTX4003 (ST.O.RE.) study
Gori, A*; Antinori, A; Ripamonti, D; Rusconi, S; Gianotti, N; Maserati, R; Muscatello, A; Di Cristo, V; Castagna, A; Rizzardini, G; Cattelan, A; Menzaghi, B; Sterrantino, G; Kiros, S; Castelli, F; Focà, E; Saccani, B; Orofino, G; Farenga, M; Cauda, R; La Monica, S; Vullo, V; De Luca, A; Rossetti, B; Manzillo, E; Gioè, C; Celesia, B; Locatelli, M; Madeddu, G; Bagella, P; Santantonio, T; Ferrara, S; Cosco, L; Pontali, E; d’Arminio Monforte, A; Curetti, R; Andreoni, M; Stingone, C; Uglietti, A; Termini, R; Mancusi, D (Milan, Italy)

P110Switching to a dual regimen with the combination of boosted darunavir plus raltegravir in severely experienced patients: a multicentre, retrospective analysis
Casado, J*; Montejano, R; Negredo, E; Blanco, J; Espinosa, N; Mena, A; Montero, M; Palacios, R; Lopez, J; Vergas, J; Galindo, M; García del Toro, M; Cabello, A; Diaz de Santiago, A (Madrid, Spain)

P111Switching from atazanavir/ritonavir (ATV/RTV) to ATV/cobicistat (ATV/COBI) is associated with a decrease of plasma lipids and liver fibrosis
Trentalange, A*; Polifroni, C; Carcieri, C; Alcantarini, C; Montrucchio, C; Marinaro, L; Forni, N; Palazzo, A; Barco, A; Costa, C; Lazzaro, A; Tettoni, M; De Nicolò, A; D’Avolio, A; Di Perri, G; Calcagno, A; Bonora, S (Torino, Italy)

P112Switch from tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF)- to tenofovir alafenamide (TAF)-based regimens in clinical practice: real-world data of the German PROPHET cohort study
Bickel, M; Wyen, C; Spinner, C*; Baumgarten, A; Jaeger, H; Postel, N; Wolf, E; Hoffmann, C; Esser, S; Klauke, S; Schewe, K (Frankfurt, Germany)

P113Soluble activation and inflammation markers in HIV dual therapy in the setting of virological suppression: the Trilobithe study
Molano, M; Monsalvo, M; Hernandez, F; Fontecha, M; Vallejo, A; Casado, J* (Madrid, Spain)

P114Clinical observations of ART switching in HIV-suppressed patients after availability of TAF
Elion, R*; Eron, J; Santiago, S; Sax, P; Rampogal, M; Huhn, G; Musallam, A; Althoff, K; Winston, J (Bethesda, USA)

P115Antiretroviral therapy without nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors: dual therapy with darunavir/p and rilpivirine. Safety and efficacy in clinical practice. RIDAR 2
Arazo, P; Galindo, M*; Montero, M; Tornero, C; Pasquau, J (Valencia, Spain)

P117Triumeq® versus Genvoya®, real-life experience in pretreated patients
Roda Puchalt, N*; Ventayol Aguiló, L; Asensio Rodriguez, J; Ferre Beltran, A; Riera Jaume, M; Payeras Cifre, A (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

P118Safety, efficacy and durability of long-acting CAB and RPV as a two-drug IM maintenance therapy for HIV-1 infection: LATTE-2 Week 160 results
Margolis, D*; Gonzalez Garcia, J; Stellbrink, H; Yazdanpanah, Y; Richmond, G; Smith, G; Sutton, K; Dorey, D; Zhang, F; Smith, K; Williams, P; Spreen, W (Research Triangle Park, USA)

P119B/F/TAF versus ABC/DTG/3TC or DTG+F/TAF in treatment-naïve adults with high baseline viral load or low baseline CD4 count in two phase III, randomised, controlled clinical trials: Week 96 results
Podzamczer, D*; Stellbrink, H; Orkin, C; Pozniak, A; Arribas, J; Koenig, E; Ramgopal, M; Baumgarten, A; Wei, X; Cheng, A; SenGupta, D; Martin, H (Barcelona, Spain)

P120Asymptomatic sexually transmitted infections in French HIV MSM: a predictive risk score for screening: the ANRS DRIVER study
Duracinsky, M; Dimi, S; Chassany, O; Carrieri, P; Villes, V; Timsit, J; Fouéré, S; Zucman, D* (Suresnes, France)

P121Integrase inhibitors and virological failure: a cohort analysis
Montejano, R*; De Miguel, R; Bernardino, J; Perez-Valero, I; Montes, M; Valencia, E; Martin-Carbonero, L; Moreno, V; Gonzalez-Garcia, J; Arribas, J (Madrid, Spain)
P122Virological outcome after a choice of antiretroviral regimen guided by proviral HIV-1 DNA genotyping in a real-life cohort of HIV-infected patients
Meybeck, A; Robineau, O; Alidjinou, E; Huleux, T; Boucher, A*; Choisy, P; Bocket, L; Ajana, F (Tourcoing, France)

P123Providing evidence from real-world data – 3-year follow-up of dolutegravir-based regimens in routine clinical care in Germany: the final analysis of the DOL-ART cohort
Postel, N*; Wyen, C; Hillenbrand, H; Lutz, T; Moll, A; Pauli, R; Sych, M; Westermayer, B; Lueftenegger, D; Walli, R (Munich, Germany)

P124Effectiveness and persistence of Triumeq (DTG/ABC/3TC) in routine clinical care in Germany: second interim analysis of the prospective German TRIUMPH cohort
Wolf, T; Heuchel, T; Jessen, H; Meurer, A; Mueller, M; Schappert, B; Schulz, C; Wyen, C; Westermayer, B; Lueftenegger, D*; Walli, R (Munich, Germany)
P125Long-term outcomes in patients receiving a NVP-containing regimen for a median of 17 years
Tiraboschi, J*; Latour, N; Knobel, H; Domingo, P; Ribera, E; Giralt, D; Podzamczer, D (Barcelona, Spain)

P126First real-life data of tenofovir alafenamide (TAF)-based ART in adult HIV-1-infected patients enrolled in the French TARANIS cohort: results on the use of E/C/F/TAF (Genvoya®)
Meynard, J; Duvivier, C*; Molina, J; Ajana, F; Pichancourt, G; Morlat, P; Revest, M; Poizot-Martin, I; Hocqueloux, L; Janssen, C; Genet, P; Katlama, C; Leclercq, P; Haubrich, R; Durand, F; Sahali, S (Paris, France)

P127Long-term non-progressors and elite controllers: starting antiretroviral therapy in routine HIV care
Akhlaq, A; Schafers, J*; Farooq, H; Van Halsema, C (Manchester, UK)
P128Failure of dolutegravir first-line cART with a selection of R263K and G118R
Lübke, N; Jensen, B; Hüttig, F; Obermeier, M; Thielen, A; Kaiser, R*; Timm, J; Häussinger, D (Düsseldorf, Germany)

P129Disinvestment strategies for HIV therapies: the role of HTA, an opportunity for patients and clinicians?
Garagiola, E; Foglia, E; Ferrario, L; Cenderello, G*; Di Biagio, A; Menzaghi, B; Rizzardini, G; Croce, D (Genova, Italy)

P130HIV-positive patients with persistent low-level viraemia in the University Hospital of La Princesa (Spain)
Roy, E*; Ciudad, M; Cárdenas, M; García-Fraile, L; Sanz, J; Santos, I (Madrid, Spain)

P131When to start antiretroviral therapy in HIV-2: the challenge remains
Cardoso, M; Pimentel, B; Granado, J; Vasconcelos, J; Miranda, A*; Peres, S; Baptista, T; Mansinho, K (Lisbon, Portugal)

P132HIV-1 elimination from reservoirs: viral dynamics during suppressive ART
Otte, F*; Metzner, K; Klimkait, T (Basel, Switzerland)

P133ART improves most domains of HRQoL by both SF-36 and HAT-QoL scales
Lins, L*; Ledo, A; Luz, E; Soares Dutra, B; Rodriguez Prieto, I; Brites, C (Salvador, Brazil)

P134Using climate-HIV to describe real-world clinical outcomes for people living with HIV on dolutegravir-based regimens
Okoli, C*; Schwenk, A; Radford, M; Myland, M; Taylor, S; van Wyk, J; Barnes, J; Fox, A; Reeves, I; Munshi, S; Croucher, A; Grimson, F; Paice, A; Boxall, N; Darley A; Benn, P (Middlesex, UK)

P135NNRTI raltegravir lamivudine (NRL): the NatuRAL choice for ageing patients
Cormack, I*(Croydon, UK)

P136Virological response in HIV-1-infected patients treated with dolutegravir-containing ART regimens: a real-world study
Furtado, I; R de Valdoleiros, S; Fragoso, J*; Vasconcelos, O; Gonçalves, M; Sarmento e Castro, R (Porto, Portugal)

P137The rate of HAART initiation according to the WHO/DHHS guidelines during the years 2002–2016 in a major HIV/AIDS centre in Israel
Elbirt, D*; Otman, M; Bezalel-Rosenberg, S; Mahlab-Guri, K; Nemet, S; Burke, M; Asher, I; Sthoeger, Z (Rehovot, Israel)

P138Raltegravir, elvitegravir, dolutegravir comparison and CD4/CD8 ratio normalisation in HIV-infected patients
Sarigul, F*; User, U; Oztoprak, N (Antalya, Turkey)

Opportunistic Infections

P139Efficacy and safety dolutegravir-based regimens in advanced HIV-infected treatment-naïve patients: results from a multicentre cohort study
Rossetti, B*; Baldin, G; Sterrantino, G; Rusconi, S; De Vito, A; Giacometti, A; Gagliardini, R; Colafigli, M; Capetti, A; d’Ettorre, G; Celani, L; Lagi, F; Ciccullo, A; De Luca, A; Di Giambenedetto, S; Madeddu, G (Siena, Italy)

P140Malaria in HIV-infected patients: a matched case-control study in a non-endemic setting
Lam, E*; De Wit, S; Delforge, M; Martin, C (Brussels, Belgium)
P141Concomitant syphilis infection in patients with diagnosed HIV/AIDS: a retrospective multicentre study
Sarigul, F*; Sayan, M; Inan, D; Deveci, A; Ceran, N; Celen, M; Cagatay, A; Ozkan Ozdemir, H; Kuscu, F; Karagoz, G; Heper, Y; Karabay, O; Dokuzoguz, B; Kaya, S; Erben, N; Karaoglan, I; Munis Ersoz, G; Gunal, O; Hatipoglu, C; Sayın Kutlu, S; Akbulut, A; Saba, R; Sener, A; Buyuktuna, S (Antalya, Turkey)

P143Reduction of mortality rate among HIV/TB patients as a result of a comprehensive approach of HIV/TB integration in the Kyiv Regional Tuberculosis Hospital, Ukraine
Chuykov, A*; Lopatina, Y; Zakowicz, A; Tyapkin, G; Holub, O; Shevchenko, O (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Co-morbidities and Complications of Disease and/or Treatment

P145Phase 3b, randomised, open-label study to evaluate switching from a tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF)-containing regimen to elvitegravir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (E/C/F/TAF) in virologically suppressed, HIV-1-infected participants aged ≥60
Maggiolo, F*; Rizzardini, G; Raffi, F; Pulido, F; Mateo Garcia, G; Molina, J; Ong, E; Shao, Y; Corales, R; McNicholl, I; Piontkowsky, D; Das, M; Haubrich, R (Bergamo, Italy)

P146Effect of age on efficacy and safety of elvitegravir, cobicistat, emtricitabine and tenofovir alafenamide (E/C/F/TAF) in virologically-suppressed, HIV-1-infected participants aged ≥65 years: pooled analysis of two phase III trials
Maggiolo, F*; Rizzardini, G; Raffi, F; Pulido, F; Mateo Garcia, G; Molina, J; Ong, E; Shao, Y; Chuck, S; McNicholl, I; Piontkowsky, D; Das, M; Haubrich, R (Bergamo, Italy)

P147HIV comorbidities and their impact on attendance frequency at HIV clinics in the UK: findings from the Positive Voices survey 2017
Kirwan, P*; Kall, M; Chau, C; Brown, A; Delpech, V (London, UK)

P148Significant clinical and epidemiological differences in adults ageing with HIV-1 compared with those with HIV-1 diagnosis at an older age
Tsachouridou, O*; Papagiannis, M; Gogou, C; Chrysanthidis, T; Chatzidimitriou, D; Valagkouti, D; Kollaras, P; Zebekakis, P; Skoura, L; Metallidis, S (Thessaloniki, Greece)
P149High frequency of polypharmacy and drug–drug interactions in an elderly HIV population on antiretroviral therapy
Bourneau-Martin, D; Ruellan, A; Joyau, C; Sécher, S; Allavena, C* (Nantes, France)

P150Prevalence of polypharmacy and potential drug–drug interactions in PLWHIV: a cross-sectional study from the Modena HIV Metabolic Clinic cohort
Raimondi, A*; Zona, S; Franconi, I; Carli, F; Menozzi, M; Nardini, G; Beghetto, B; Mancini, M; Masi, V; Mussini, C; Guaraldi, G (Modena, Italy)

P151Comorbidities, comedication and polypharmacy burden in patients with HIV: retrospective claims data in Germany
Lopes, S*; Meyer, K; Braun, S; Punekar, Y; Radford, M; Haas, J (London, UK)

P152Social determinants contribute to frailty in HIV-positive patients in Bahia, Brazil
Zeballos Rivas, D; Howell, W; Brites Alves, C* (Salvador, Brazil)

P153Polypharmacy and polymorbidities in a specialised HIV clinic for patients over the age of 50: need for geriatrician intervention?
Khalid, K*; Palmer, J; Pereira, B; Patterson, B; Milinkovic, A; Tong, T; Lee, P; Holmes, P; Boffito, M (London, UK)
P154Experience of managing women aged 40 and over in a region with a moderate HIV prevalence
Ogbonmwan, D*; Macfadyen, C; Ghavami-Kia, B; Chauhan, M; Pinder, M; Wardropper, A; White, C; Ralph, S; Hotonu, O; Price, A; Hussey, J; Duncan, S (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)

P155Use of integrase strand transfer inhibitors (INSTIs) in a cohort of HIV-infected geriatric patients (GEPPO cohort)
Nozza, S*; Calza, S; Guaraldi, G; Gervasi, E; Riva, A; De Socio, G; Piconi, S; Orofino, G; Castagna, A; Di Perri, G; Cattelan, A; Magro, P; Celesia, B; Calcagno, A; Focà, E (Milan, Italy)

P156Disturbance in iron metabolism parameters: a possible marker of preterm ageing in HIV-infected males
Dragovic, G*; Dimitrijevic, B; Toljic, B; Milasin, J; De Luka, S; Jevtovic, D; Trbovich, A (Belgrade, Serbia)
P157Prevalence of cognitive impairment in a cohort of HIV-infected patients older than 60 years
Gonzalez-Baeza, A*; Rua-Cebrian, G; Montejano, R; Bernardino, J; Gonzalez, J; Perez-Valero, I (Madrid, Spain)

P158Incidence and risk factors associated with osteoporosis-related fractures (ORF) among PLWHIV in British Columbia (BC), Canada
Barletta, J*; Ye, M; Lu, M; Kibel, M; Hogg, R; Lima, V; Guillemi, S (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

P159Association of lean mass with bone mineral density in young, recently diagnosed HIV-infected patients
Gallego Galiana, J; Vivancos, M; Gioia, F; Sobrino, C; Pérez-Elías, M; Moreno, A; Moreno, S; Vázquez, M; Casado, J* (Madrid, Spain)

P160The development of a tool for preventing and managing bone disease in HIV-infected adults
Foisy, M*; Hughes, C; Yuksel, N (Edmonton, Canada)

P161Relationship between bone composition and fat indexes in HIV-infected patients
Bonjoch, A; Perez-Alvarez, N; Estany, C; Rosales, J; Echeverria, P*; Clotet, B (Badalona, Spain)

P162Impact on bone mineral density after 2 years of switching to four dolutegravir-based triple or dual regimens
Piscaglia, M; Gallazzi, I; Restelli, S; Baldin, G; Paladini, L; Cossu, M; Di Giambenedetto, S; Rizzardini, G; Capetti, A* (Milan, Italy)

P163Performance of fracture risk assessment tools in HIV-positive individuals aged ≥45 years who were receiving suppressive antiretroviral therapy
Tsai, M; Zhang, J; Wu, P; Liu, W; Yang, C*; Hung, C (New Taipei City, Taiwan)

P164Bone turnover markers evolution after treatment initiation with Atripla in comparison with Truvada raltegravir: another glimpse to osteoporosis in HIV
Oster, Y*; Cohen, M; Dresner Pollak, R; Elinav, H (Jerusalem, Israel)

P165Audit of the use of IV bisphosphonates in people living with HIV
Shah, S; Bracchi, M; Hurt, W; Zhang, Q; Milinkovic, A* (London, UK)

P166Immune and inflammatory biomarkers in treatment-naïve, HIV-infected patients starting antiretroviral therapy: a prospective study
Saumoy, M*; Di Yacovo, S; Sanchez-Quesada, J; Sviridov, D; Vila, R; Garcia, B; Navarro, A; Vernet, A4 Giralt, D; Ordoñez-Llanos, J; Podzamczer, D (Barcelona, Spain)

P167Incidence of dyslipidaemia and modification of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) risk in HIV-infected patients who switch away from tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF)-based to TDF-sparing regimens in the Icona Foundation cohort
Cicalini, S*; Lorenzini, P; Cozzi-Lepri, A; Maggiolo, F; Gianotti, N; Rusconi, S; Lapadula, G; Cirioni, O; Castagna, A; Mussini, C; Lo Caputo, S; Antinori, A, Icona Foundation Study Group (Rome, Italy)

P168Serum trimethylamine-N-oxide concentrations are associated with cardiovascular risk factors and subclinical vascular damage in HIV-positive patients
Montrucchio, C; De Nicolò, A; D’Ettorre, G; Vullo, V; Celani, L; Costa, C; Trentalange, A; Alcantarini, C; Avataneo, V; Tettoni, M; D’Avolio, A; Bonora, S; Di Perri, G; Calcagno, A*, (Torino, Italy)

P169Association between osteogenesis and inflammation evaluated by 18F-NaF and 18F-FDG PET/CT in HIV-infected patients
Guaraldi, G*; Prandini, N; Esposito, F; Malagoli, A; Milic, J; Beghetto, B; Nardini, G; Roncaglia, E; Raggi, P (Modena, Italy)
P170Comparison between cardiovascular disease risk scores and observed rates of cardiovascular disease in people living with HIV
Lee, M*; Smith, C; Mok, J; Duncan, A; Kulasegaram, R; Wierzbicki, A (London, UK)

P171Inflammatory biomarkers related with subclinical atherosclerosis in suppressed HIV-infected patients
Saumoy, M*; Sanchez-Quesada, J; Di Yacovo, S; Ferrer, E; Imaz, A; Garcia, B; Giralt, D; Ordoñez-Llanos, J; Podzamczer, D (Barcelona, Spain)

P172Suggested targets in modifiable cardiovascular risk factors are seldom attained in HIV-positive patients
Montrucchio, C; Lazzaro, A; Forni, N; Pirriatore, V; Alcantarini, C; D’Ascenzo, F; Maremmani, M; Cusenza, V; Peyracchia, M; Tettoni, M; Grosso Marra, W; Bonora, S; Di Perri, G; Calcagno, A* (Torino, Italy)

P173Circulating annexin V and annexin A1 plasma levels and cardiovascular risk score in HIV subjects
Ucciferri, C*; Auricchio, A; Vignale, F; Costantini, E; D’Angelo, C; Reale, M; Vecchiet, J; Falasca, K (Chieti, Italy)

P174Prevalence of abnormal echocardiographical findings in Thai HIV-infected and non-infected ageing population after receiving therapy: ECHO THAI-HAART study
Thimaporn, W*; Chattranukulchai, P; Siwamogsatham, S; Satitthummanid, S; Sangarlangkarn, A; Boonyaratavej, S; Avihingsanon, A; and the HIV-NAT 207 team (Bangkok, Thailand)

P175Estimated eGFR and risk of cardiovascular events in a large cohort of chronically infected HIV subjects
Maggiolo, F*; Teocchi, R; Borderi, M; Di Filippo, E; Comi, L; Valenti, D; Rizzi, M (Bergamo, Italy)

P176Cardiovascular risk in a HIV-positive population: serological markers and cardiovascular risk calculators
Ucciferri, C*; Auricchio, A; Vignale, F; Vecchiet, J; Falasca, K (Chieti, Italy)

P177Impact of HIV infection and antiretrovirals on QT interval: the HIMPAQT study
Allavena, C*; Jacob, N; Gourrault, J; Billaud, E; Sécher, S; Raffi, F; Lamirault, G (Nantes, France)

P178Anal cancer risk and use of a protease inhibitor: a nested case-control study within the ANRS CO4-FHDH cohort
Grabar, S; Selinger-Leneman, H; Abramowitz, L; Boue, F; Mary-Krause, M; Duvivier, C; Rouveix, E; Poizot-Martin, I; Costagliola, D* (Paris, France)

P179Prospective study of the efficacy of 5% imiquimod versus excision of anal HSIL in patients infected by HIV (2010–2018)
Hidalgo-Tenorio, C*; Garcia-Martinez, C; Gil, C; Segura, I; Esquivias, J; Lopez-Ruz, M; Pasquau, J (Granada, Spain)

P180Results of HPV testing for anal screening in men who have sex with men
Popova, A*; Shipulina, O; Dmitryukova, M; Deulina, M; Pokrovsky, V (Moscow, Russian Federation)

P181Kaposi’s sarcoma in HIV-1-infected patients: a multicentre cohort experience in Rome
Colafigli, M; Borghetti, A; Fanti, I; Di Sora, F; Bonadies, A; Ferraresi, V; Tonachella, R; Montella, F; Cauda, R; Cristaudo, A; Di Giambenedetto, S; Latini, A* (Rome, Italy)

P182HPV infection among HIV-positive women in some countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Popova, A*; Shipulina, O; Deulina, M; Almamedova, E; Rzayeva, A; Kadyrova, A; Grigoryan, S; Asmaryan, A; Pepanyan, A; Davidyan, A; Ermolenko, L; Nevmerzhitskaya, T; Tavtyn, I; Kadyrbekov, U; Abylgazieva, N; Zhaanbaeva, Z; Spirin, A; Agafonova, O; Chesnokov, M; Kalenik, L; Karimov, S; Rahimova, R; Rustamova, M; Nurlyaminova, Z; Dmitryukova, M; Pokrovsky, V (Moscow, Russian Federation)

P183Characteristics of AIDS-related and non-AIDS-related cancers in an Italian cohort of HIV patients in the period 1996–2018
Nicolè, S*; Mengoli, C; Marini, G; Coletto, D; Cavinato, S; Marinello, S; Cattelan, A (Padova, Italy)

P184Cancer screening among HIV-positive patients
Wu, P*; Chen, M; Sheng, W; Hsieh, S; Chuang, Y; Chang, H; Luo, Y; Yang, S; Zhang, J; Sun, H; Hung, C (Taipei, Taiwan)

P185HPV-related pre-cancerous screening in HIV-infected MSM accessing the Infectious Diseases Clinic of Modena
Rogati, C*; Digaetano, M; Bonazza, A; Menozzi, M; Borghi, V; Pecorari, M; Iachetta, R; Villani, R; Farinetti, A; Spatafora, F; Mussini, C (Modena, Italy)

P186The burden of chronic comorbidities among HIV-infected adults in a large urban HIV clinic in Uganda
Musomba Zimaze, R*; Owarwo, N; Nabaggala, M; Nsumba, M; Matovu, J; Lamorde, M; Castelnuovo, B (Kampala, Uganda)

P187Increases in lipid profile after switch from TDF to TAF-based HAART regimens in a cohort of HIV-positive patients: is it clinically relevant?
Gazzola, L*; Tagliaferri, G; Mondatore, D; De Bona, A; Borsino, C; Bini, T; Marchetti, G; d’Arminio Monforte, A (Milan, Italy)

P188Effect of tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) initiation on lipid profile in La Paz Hospital cohort: consequence of TDF withdrawal or TAF initiation?
Montejano, R*; Alejos, B; De Miguel, R; Moreno, V; Valencia, E; Martin-Carbonero, L; Montes, M; Busca, C; Mican, R; Perez-Valero, I; Gonzalez-Garcia, J; Arribas, J; Bernardino, J (Madrid, Spain)

P189Prevalence and severity of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by transient elastography with controlled attenuation parameter: risk factors in unselected HIV mono-infected population
Mazzola, G; Cervo, A*; Gioé, C; Trizzino, M; Colletti, P; Mililli, D; Mazzucco, W; Mazzola, S; Sebastiani, G; Petta, S; Cascio, A (Palermo, Italy)

P190Waist-to-hip ratio is a predictive marker of hepatic steatosis in people living with HIV
Mok, J*; Goff, L; Peters, B; Duncan, A (London, UK)

P191Dysglycaemia is prevalent in HIV patients over 40 and may be detected using routine screening for cardiovascular risk
Mok, J*; Goff, L; Duncan, A (London, UK)

P192Current or historic HIV-related lipodystrophy largely associated with protease inhibitor exposure is a predictor of future diabetes risk
Mok, J*; Goff, L; Peters, B; Duncan, A (London, UK)

P193The prevalence of diabetes mellitus type 2 in HIV-1-infected patients and antiretroviral treatment utilisation in the Ukraine: results of an observational, multicentre, cross-sectional retrospective study
Antonyak, S; Matkovskyi, I; Yurchenko, O; Antoniak, S*; Adamczewski, T; Koycheva, A (Kiev, Ukraine)

P194Plasma NRTI exposure and associations with serum alanine aminotransferase in people living with HIV
Wang, X; Boffito, M; Dickinson, L; Bagkeris, E; Khoo, S; Post, F; Vera, J; Williams, I; Babalis, D; Anderson, J*; Mallon, P; McClure, M; Winston, A; Sabin, C (London, UK)

P195Lipid changes after switch from tenofovir disoproxil fumarate to tenofovir alafenamide: a longitudinal cohort study
Berger, F; Milinkovic, A*; Arenas-Pinto, A; Mauss, S (London, UK)

P196Correlation between PAI-1, leptin and ferritin with HOMA in HIV/AIDS patients
Dragovic, G*; Sumarac Dumanovic, M; Al Musalhi, K; Soldatovic, I; Dimitrijevic, B; Jevtovic, D; Nair, D (Belgrade, Serbia)

P197Evaluation of the dual X-ray absorptiometry to predict metabolic syndrome in HIV-infected patients
Fontecha, M*; Monsalvo, M; Vivancos, M; Moreno, A; Casado, J (Madrid, Spain)

P198How well do we manage type 2 diabetes and abnormal glucose metabolism in HIV? A service evaluation
Smith, H; Hine, P*; Beadsworth, M; Weston, P; Chaponda, M (Liverpool, UK)

P199Metabolic disorders in HIV-infected patients receiving antiretroviral therapy
Kanestri, V; Kravchenko, A* (Moscow, Russian Federation)

P200Factors associated with HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder in an unselected cohort in East and South London: the HAND study
Rackstraw, S*; Davies, O; Thiyagarajan, A; Sharp, A; Patel, N; Szydlo, R; Kulasegaram, R (London, UK)

P201Efficacy of computerised cognitive rehabilitation training in improving HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders
Bai, F*; Allegrini, M; Falcinella, C; Strada, I; Borghi, L; Merlini, E; d’Arminio Monforte, A; Marchetti, G (Milan, Italy)

P202The effect of drug use on specific neuropsychological domains among patients enrolled in the Neurocognitive Assessment in the Metabolic and Aging COhort (NAMACO) study
Darling, K*; Locatelli, I; Benghalem, N; Nadin, I; Brugger, P; Gutbrod, K; Frueh, S; Rossi, S; Kunze, U; Lecompte, T; Hauser, C; Hasse, B; Kovari, H; Tarr, P; Stoeckle, M; Di Benedetto, C; Schmid, P; Du Pasquier, R; Cavassini, M (Lausanne, Switzerland)

P203A real-life analysis of dolutegravir adverse effects in a cohort of naïve and experienced HIV-infected patients accessing the Infectious Diseases Clinic of Modena
Digaetano, M*; Monari, C; Rogati, C; Menozzi, M; Santoro, A; Bonazza, A; Carli, F; Borghi, V; Mussini, C (Modena, Italy)

P204Real-world experience using tenofovir alafenamide fumarate in Glasgow, UK
Brown, K; Sutherland, G; O’Hara, R*; Bell, D (Glasgow, UK)

P205Incidence rate of substitutions due to tenofovir disoproxil fumarate-related bone and renal toxicity and among adults attending the Infectious Diseases Institute in Kampala
Akirana, J; Laker, E; Muyise, R; Owarwo, N; Lwanga, I*; Mubiru, F; Castelnuovo, B; Kiragga, A; Lamorde, M (Kampala, Uganda)

P206Real-world effects of treatment with emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide- versus emtricitabine/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate-based regimens in people living with HIV in a clinical cohort in Germany
Rieke, A*; Jessen, H; Pauli, R; Waizmann, M; Heuchel, T; Postel, N; Lymperopoulou, C; Faghmous, I; Diaz-Cuervo, H; Ramroth, H; Stellbrink, H (London, UK)

P207Reclassification of severe renal failure in people living with HIV using modified KDIGO classification
Manmathan, G*; Ramphul, R; Johnson, M; Rakhit, R; Burns, F (London, UK)

P208Evolution of renal function in patients starting simultaneous therapy with DRV/c and DTG
Roque Rojas, F; de la Fuente Moral, S; Díaz de Santiago, A*; Lavilla Salgado, C; Muñoz Serrano, A; Ángel-Moreno Maroto, A (Majadahonda, Spain)

P209Changes in proximal tubular function after early discontinuation of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) in HIV patients with TDF-induced renal dysfunction
Payoong, P*; Leelahavanichkul, A; Putcharoen, O (Bangkok, Thailand)

P210Haematological manifestations in virologically-suppressed people living with HIV
Akdag, D*; Dehlbæk Knudsen, A; Faber Thudium, R; Kirkegaard-Klitbo, D; De Nully Brown, P; Afzal, S; Nordestgaard, B; Lundgren, J; Dam Nielsen, S (Copenhagen, Denmark)

P211Polypharmacy and drug–drug interactions in HIV-infected subjects in the region of Madrid (Spain): a population-based study
López-Centeno, B; Badenes-Olmedo, C; Mataix-Sanjuan, Á; McAllister, K; Bellón-Cano, J; Balsalobre, P; Benedí, J; Khoo, S; Calvo-Alcántara, M; Berenguer, J* (Madrid, Spain)

P212Risky alcohol consumption and associated health behaviour among HIV-positive and HIV-negative patients in a UK sexual health and HIV clinic: the HAZAL study
Suonpera, E*; Matthews, R; Milinkovic, A; Arenas-Pinto, A (London, UK)

P213Health status and quality of life in PLWHIV: results from the ICONA cohort
Cingolani, A*; Romaine, J; Tavelli, A; Maggiolo, F; Girardi, E; Antinori, A; Cascio, A; Cattelan, A; De Luca, A; Murray, M; D’Arminio Monforte, A; Bradley, C (Rome, Italy)

P214Syphilis on the rise in HIV-positive MSM in Germany
Wesselmann, J*; Boesecke, C; Wasmuth, J; Rockstroh, J; Schwarze-Zander, C (Bonn, Germany)

P215An assessment of how effectively health systems monitor HIV-associated comorbidities, using current global and European frameworks
Safreed-Harmon, K; Pericàs, J; Kall, M; Davidovich, U; del Amo, J; Lazarus, J; Anderson, J* (London, UK)

P216Delayed but adequate serological response to syphilis treatment in HIV-positive adults
Ren, M*; Szadkowski, L; Tan, D; Walmsley, S (Toronto, Canada)
P217Clinical characteristics and outcome of infective endocarditis in non-intravenous drug users (IDU) HIV-infected patients and influence of HIV-infection on prognosis: a prospective study of the International Collaboration on Endocarditis (ICE)
Hernández-Meneses, M; Llopis, J; Chu, V; Ambrosioni, J*; Wray, D; Fernández-Hidalgo, N; Baddley, J; Moreno, A; Athan, E; Miró, J (Barcelona, Spain)

P218Switching from tenofovir disoproxil fumarate to tenofovir alafenamide and hepatic safety: a new paradigm?
Squillace, N*; Ricci, E; Menzaghi, B; Migliorino, G; De Socio, G; Passerini, S; Martinelli, C; Mameli, M; Maggi, P; Falasca, K; Cordier, L; Celesia, B; Salomoni, E; Di Biagio, A; Pellicano, G; Bonfanti, P (Monza, Italy)

P219E-vaccine registry: systematic vaccine registry improves immunisation coverage in HIV patients
Enriquez, N*; Pecoul, V; Hartley, M; Siegrist, C; Calmy, A (Geneva, Switzerland)

P220Comparison of early serological response of early syphilis to treatment with a single-dose benzathine penicillin G between HIV-positive and HIV-negative patients: a cohort study
Yang, C*; Liu, W; Chang, L; Wu, C; Su, Y; Hung, C (New Taipei City, Taiwan)

P221Concurrent transmission of HCV and bacterial STI in HIV-infected MSM
Wong, N; Wong, B; Chan, D; Lee, S* (Hong Kong, China)

P222Non-AIDS bacterial infections are the main cause of hospital admissions in HIV-infected patients during 2010–2017: data from the San Paolo Infectious Diseases (SPID) cohort
Bai, F*; Suardi, E; Parolo, F; Tavelli, A; Crippa, F; Bini, T; Marchetti, G; d’Arminio Monforte, A (Milan, Italy)

P223Use of recreational drugs and sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnosis among patients attending a STI/HIV reference clinic in Rome
Latini, A*; Colafigli, M; Frasca, M; Alei, L; Giuliani, M; Cristaudo, A; Zaccarelli, M (Rome, Italy)

P224Co-infection with syphilis in new diagnosis of HIV infection during the period 2010–2017: a single-centre cohort
Bianchi, A*; Cuomo, G; Puzzolante, C; Raimondi, A; Mussini, C; Borghi, V (Modena, Italy)

P225Severe bacterial infections in HIV-infected injecting drug users from a Romanian healthcare facility
Ianache, I*; Popa, I; Horghidan, R; Ceausu, E; Oprea, C (Bucharest, Romania)

P226Use of dolutegravir in women of childbearing potential: a local response to preliminary data suggesting higher incidence of neural tube defects in women conceiving on dolutegravir-based regimens
Haidari, G*; Farrugia, P; Williams, C; Mukela, A; Chilton, D; Grant, A; Simons, R (London, UK)

P227Assessment of monocyte activation and systemic inflammation markers in HIV-positive opioid users
Kholodnaya, A*; So-Armah, K; Cheng, D; Gnatienko, N; Patts, G; Samet, J; Freiberg, M; Lioznov, D (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)

P228Impact of CMV on liver progression in HIV/HCV/CMV co-infected patients in a large cohort of HIV-infected patients
Vita, S; Lorenzini, P; Lichtner, M*; Giulia, M; Mastroianni, C; Bandera, A; Di Biagio, A; Pinnetti, C; Calcagno, A; Castagna, A; Antinori, A; d’Arminio Monforte, A, Icona Foundation Study Group (Rome, Italy)

P229The importance of serological testing and risk factors of measles, mumps, rubella and VZV among HIV-infected adults in Istanbul, Turkey during measles outbreak in Europe
Altuntas Aydin, O*; Senoglu, S; Kumbasar Karaosmanoglu, H; Yesilbag, Z; Aydin, A (Istanbul, Turkey)

P230Prescription patterns of comedication and potential for drug–drug interactions with ART in HIV patients in a retrospective claims database in Germany: implications for adequate HIV treatment selection
Lopes, S*; O’Day, K; Van Stiphout, J; Punekar, Y; Radford, M; Haas, J (London, UK)

P231Syphilis and HIV: characteristics of the co-infection in patients newly diagnosed with HIV
Abreu, I; Palma, P; Graça, L*; Filipe, R; Ruas, R; Branco, E; Caldas, C; Piñeiro, C; Soares, J; Tavares, M; Serrão, R; Sarmento, A (Porto, Portugal)

P233How are HIV patients dying?
Duarte, F*; Laranjinha, J; Correia de Abreu, R; Neves, I (Matosinhos, Portugal)

P234Inflammatory bowel diseases: a hidden comorbidity in people living with HIV?
Guardigni, V*; Scaioli, E; Coladonato, S; Fornaro, G; Piazza, G; Badia, L; Belluzzi, A; Vitale, S; Salice, M; Rizzello, F; Gionchetti, P; Calza, L; Verucchi, G (Bologna, Italy)

P235Benefit of an annual screening of comorbidities for people living with HIV in a day-care hospital
Bidouze, L; Michaud, M; Catros, F; Ancellin, S*; Bicart See, A; Garipuy, D; Fourcade, C; Bonnet, E; Obadia, M; Pouchelon, E; Fritsch, S; Martini, F; Violton, V; Charasson, T; Gautié, L; Gaches, F (Toulouse, France)

P236The coverage of influenza and pneumococcal vaccination among HIV-infected patients in Denmark: a cross-sectional survey
Larsen, L*; Nguyen, M; Johansen, I (Odense, Denmark)

P237The mental health of people living with HIV in the Asia-Pacific: a literature review
O’Doherty, E*; Kerr, S (Glasgow, UK)

P238The risk of upper respiratory tract bacterial infections among HIV-positive patients is higher for young MSM with detectable HIV RNA
Skrzat-Klapaczyńska, A*; Paciorek, M; Firląg-Burkacka, E; Kowalska, J; Horban, A (Warsaw, Poland)

Viral Hepatitis

P239Early seroreversion after two doses of hepatitis A vaccination among HIV-positive patients who had achieved serological response: incidence and associated factors
Huang, S; Huang, C; Chen, T; Yang, C; Lin, S; Lee, Y; Wang, N; Lee, Y; Lin, K; Liu, C; Lu, P; Hung, C* (Hsin-Chu, Taiwan)

P240Current chronic hepatitis C treatment in HIV co-infection in Portugal: a cohort of 2,133 patients presented by GEPCOI (Portuguese Coinfection Study Group)
Miranda, A*; Mendez, J; Serrão, R; Vale, F; Manata, M; Pinto, S; Gomes, A; Prata, M; Pacheco, P; Pazos, R; Pereira, R; Martins, A; Germano, I; Rocha, S; Reis, A; Sarmento e Castro, R (Lisbon, Portugal)

P241Hepatitis C virus re-infection after viral clearance of HCV among HIV-positive patients with recent HCV infection in Taiwan
Huang, M*; Liu, W; Su, L; Wu, C; Wu, P; Yang, S; Zhang, J; Chang, H; Chang, S; Liu, C; Sun, H; Hung, C; Chang, S (Taipei, Taiwan)

P242How to identify HIV-positive men who have sex with men at risk for HCV re-infection: is a screening question about condom use sensitive enough?
Künzler-Heule, P*; Engberg, S; Battegay, M; Fierz, K; Schmidt, A; Hampel, B; Stöckle, M; Béguelin, C; Braun, D; Fehr, J; Nicca, D (Basel, Switzerland)

P243Comparative prevalence of hepatic steatosis and other metabolic conditions in treated hepatitis C cohorts, with or without HIV co-infection, in a London hospital
Lee, M*; Mok, J; Susanne, J; Church, L; Mohanadass, C; Vaidya, S; Wong, T; Kulasegaram, R; Peters, B; Duncan, A (London, UK)

P244HIV/hepatitis C co-infection in key populations from Romania: HepCare Europe – a model of management and service delivery
Oprea, C*; Ianache, I; Kosa, A; Popa, I; Florescu, S; Lazar, S; Calistru, P (Bucharest, Romania)

P245Increased total and LDL cholesterol plasma levels upon direct antiviral agents (DAAs) driven HCV eradication
Taliani, G*; Marchetti, G; Cingolani, A; Lichtner, M; Cicalini, S; Quiros Roldan, E; Ursitti, M; Girardi, E; Antinori, A; Puoti, M; d’Arminio Monforte, A; Cozzi-Lepri, A, Icona Foundation Study Group (Rome, Italy)

P246Molecular determining of HIV-1 with the presence of hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus co-infections
Sayan, M*; Ozguler, M; Sarigul Yildirim, F; Yidirmak, T; Gündüz, A; Dokuzoğuz, B; Çelen, M; İnan, D; Heper, Y; Munis Ersoz, G; Karaoglan, İ; Ceran, N; Deveci, A; Ozturk, S; Sayin Kutlu, S; Ozkan Ozdemir, H; Akbulut, A; Yazici, S; Sener, A; Cagatay, A; Unal, S (Kocaeli and Nicosia, Turkey)

P247Estimation of HCV infection prevalence in a basic health area of Madrid (Spain)
Martínez-Sanz, J; Pérez Elías, P; Herrero Delgado, M; Barea, R; de la Fuente Cortés, Y; Vivancos Gallego, M; Moreno Zamora, A; Ares Blanco, S; Polo Benito, L; Mesa, A; Labrador Manzanares, C; González Huerga, P; Chamorro Escobar, C; Cano Espín, A; Fernández Rivera, A; Santos Álvarez, C; Rodríguez, M; Romero, B; Pérez-Elías, M* (Madrid, Spain)

P248Challenges in the micro-elimination of HCV in HIV co-infected individuals
Basoulis, D; Papadopoulou, M; Cholongitas, E; Kalamitsis, G; Daikos, G; Psichogiou, M* (Athens, Greece)

P249Increase in 10-year Framingham cardiovascular risk following HCV eradication with DAA-based therapy in HIV/HCV co-infected patients
Aldamiz-Echevarría, T*; Tejerina, F; Perez, L; Diez, C; Miralles, P; Lopez, J; Parras, F; Bellon, J (Madrid, Spain)

P250HBcAb positivity is an independent risk factor for HIV viral blips in HIV-HBV co-infected patients on antiretroviral therapy
Malagnino, V*; Cerva, C; Maffongelli, G; Teti, E; Foroghi Biland, L; Cesta, N; De Masi, M; Andreoni, M; Sarmati, L (Rome, Italy)

P251Risk of occult HBV infection reactivation in patients receiving ABC/3TC/DTG or FTC/TAF/EVG/c
Morrás, I; Gutiérrez, A; Mills, P; Moreno-Torres, V; De La Fuente, S; Folguera, C; Ángel-Moreno, A; Díaz-de Santiago, A* (Madrid, Spain)

P252Burden of HIV/hepatitis C co-infection in an inner-city sexual health clinic
Tomkins, A*; Lee, V (Salford, UK)

P253Clinical and virological characteristics of HIV-1-positive patients with delta hepatitis
Morsica, G*; Peano, L; Bagaglio, S; Poli, A; Messina, E; Vercesi, R; Hasson, H; Uberti-Foppa, C (Milan, Italy)

P254Use of urinary albumin as a marker of renal damage in patients with chronic hepatitis C treated with direct antiviral drugs
Granozzi, B*; Badia, L; Viotti, V; Guardigni, V; Viale, P; Verucchi, G (Bologna, Italy)

P255Measles outbreak: are our patients at risk? An audit of viral screening 2018
Cormack, I* (Croydon, UK)

P256Treatment of acute HCV infection with direct acting antivirals (DAA) in HIV patients
Gómez-Ayerbe, C*; Palacios, R; Téllez, F; Sayago, C; Ríos, M; Martín-Aspas, A; Camacho, A; Muñoz, L; Santos, J (Malaga, Spain)

P257Improving the care cascade of hepatitis C management among HIV-HCV co-infected persons by facilitating access to direct acting agents (DAAs): a real-life, single-centre experience
Protopapas, K*; Kazakou, P; Thomas, K; Kavatha, D; Chounta, A; Zampetas, G; Oikonomoulou, C; Moschopoulos, C; Papadopoulos, A; Antoniadou, A (Athens, Greece)

Clinical Pharmacology

P258Using mechanistic physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models to assess prenatal drug exposure: thalidomide versus efavirenz as case studies
Atoyebi, S; Olagunju, A; Rajoli, R*; Adejuyigbe, E; Owen, A; Bolaji, O; Siccardi, M (Ile Ife, Nigeria)

P259Evaluation of the concentrations of psychotropic drugs in HIV-infected versus HIV-negative patients: potential implications for clinical practice
Cattaneo, D*; Baldelli, S; Resnati, C; Giacomelli, A; Meraviglia, P; Minisci, D; Astuti, N; Ridolfo, A; De Socio, G; Clementi, E; Galli, M; Gervasoni, C (Milan, Italy)

P260Pharmacokinetics (PK) of bictegravir (BIC) in combination with polyvalent cation containing (PVCC) antacids and supplements
Mathias, A*; Lutz, J; West, S; Xiao, D; Chuck, S; Martin, H; Quirk, E; Kearney, B (Foster City, USA)

P261Impact of mild, moderate and severe renal impairment and haemodialysis on temsavir pharmacokinetics following oral administration of fostemsavir, an attachment inhibitor for heavily treatment-experienced, HIV-1-infected patients
Moore, K*; Magee, M; Gunshenan, M; Sevinsky, H; Llamoso, C; Ackerman, P (Research Triangle Park, USA)

P262No clinically relevant effect of subject demographic or disease covariates on the exposures of bictegravir and tenofovir alafenamide following administration of a B/F/TAF fixed-dose combination to HIV-1-infected subjects
Lutz, J; Kirby, B; Shao, Y; Gao, Y; Quirk, E; Mathias, A* (Foster City, USA)

P263Using climate-HIV to describe non-antiretroviral use and potential DDIs for people living with HIV within a UK cohort
Okoli, C*; Khoo, S; Schwenk, A; Radford, M; Myland, M; Taylor, S; Darley, A; Barnes, J; Fox, A; Grimson, F; Reeves, I; Munshi, S; Croucher, A; Boxall, N; Paice, A; van Wyk, J; Benn, P (Middlesex, UK)

P264Lack of clinically relevant drug interactions between bictegravir/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide and ledipasvir/sofosbuvir or sofosbuvir/velpatasvir/voxilaprevir
Garrison, K; Humeniuk, R*; West, S; Wei, L; Ling, J; Graham, H; Martin, H; Stamm, L; Mathias, A (Foster City, USA)
P265Assessment of anti-epileptic drug concentrations in HIV-infected patients: a real-life study
Cattaneo, D*; Baldelli, S; Minisci, D; Giacomelli, A; Meraviglia, P; Astuti, N; Fusi, M; Cozzi, V; Clementi, E; Galli, M; Gervasoni, C (Milan, Italy)

P266Pharmacokinetic analysis for darunavir in HIV-1-infected patients on the cobicistat-boosted darunavir regimen in an Italian observational, multicentre, prospective study (the TMC114FD1HTX4003 – ST.O.RE. study)
Focà, E*; Antinori, A; Ripamonti, D; Maserati, R; Rusconi, S; Rizzardini, G; Palma, M; Mancusi, D; Termini, R; Uglietti, A (Brescia, Italy)

P267Association of tenofovir level and discontinuation due to impaired renal function
Yagura, H*; Watanabe, D; Nakauchi, T; Tomishima, K; Nishida, Y; Yoshino, M; Yamazaki, K; Uehira, T; Shirasaka, T (Osaka, Japan)

Community Initiatives

P268Effectiveness of a pilot partner notification programme (PNP) for new HIV cases (NHIVC) in Malaga, Spain
Gómez-Ayerbe, C*; González-Doménech, C; Viciana, I; Villalobos, M; Santos, J; Palacios, R (Malaga, Spain)

P270Stakeholders’ experiences of HIV patient engagement within the I-Score patient-reported outcome study: benefits and challenges
Lessard, D*; Engler, K; Vicente, S; Toupin, I; Cox, J; Kronfli, N; Routy, J; Lebouché, B (Montreal, Canada)

P272Improvement of intrinsic capacity in older adults living with HIV through a health promotion resource
Caselgrandi, A; Malagoli, A; Milic, J; Spencer, E; Gallagher, B; Lui, G; Cheung, C; Mancini, M; Masi, V; Bardi, E; Corni, M; Menozzi, M; Zona, S; Carli, F; Mussini, C; Guaraldi, G* (Modena, Italy)

P273Surveying Ontario nurses using the COM-B framework shows a high level of readiness for nurse-led PEP and PrEP
Clifford-Rashotte, M*; Lee, J; Fawcett, N; Fowler, B; Reinhart, J; Tan, D (Toronto, Canada)

Models of Care

P275Exploring the correlation between price and affordability across 50 countries: is pricing of dolutegravir equitable?
Sim, J*; Hill, A (London, UK)

P276Improving attendance at a HIV clinic: a quality improvement project using a text message reminder service and analysis of a demographic database to tailor interventions
Holt, A; Van Aarsten, J; Chaponda, M; Winslow, H* (Liverpool, UK)

P278Romania in HIV/AIDS numbers 1985–2017: cascade of care in HIV/AIDS infection
Mardarescu, M*; Streinu-Cercel, A; Petrea, S; Iancu, M; Vitelaru, D; Vintila, S; Otelea, D; Schiopu, C; Mardarescu, A (Bucuresti, Romania)

P279The HIV MDT: safe and cost-effective?
Scott, N*; Torkington, A; Dancso, B; Johnson, L (Manchester, UK)

P280Stable+: why do HIV clinicians review virally stable patients?
Finlay, A; Hine, P*; Chaponda, M (Liverpool, UK)

P281Modelling the future need for adult protease inhibitors (PIs) in generic accessible (GA) low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) in the context of dolutegravir (DTG) roll-out
Prabhu, V*; McGovern, S; Panos, Z (Boston, MA, USA)

P282Practices and challenges for a HIV infection model of care: the Australian experience
Smith, D*; Woolley, I; Russell, D; Bisshop, F; Furner, V (Sydney, Australia)
P283Progress with antiretroviral therapy in Russia
Pokrovskaya, A*; Ladnaia, N; Suvorova, Z; Yurin, O; Dementieva, L; Emerole, K; Pokrovsky, V (Moscow, Russian Federation)

P284Rapid initiation of ART following diagnosis of HIV among Medicaid beneficiaries: a real-world evaluation
Benson, C*; Emond, B; Romdhani, H; Dunn, K; Shohoudi, A; Tandon, N; Lefebvre, P (Titusville, USA)

P285Quality of life and experience of patients with HIV and other chronic diseases with a Spanish health system: insights from the IEXPAC project
Galindo, M*; Sanchez-Vega, N; Cotarelo, M; Rincon, O; Fuster, M (Valencia, Spain)

P286Does AIDS mortality increase in Russia in spite of growing ART coverage?
Pokrovsky, V*; Ladnaya, N; Dementieva, L (Moscow, Russian Federation)

P287The impact of co-payment ART cards on HIV biomarkers among persons with HIV followed at an ambulatory clinic: results from the McGill University Health Center, Montreal, Canada
Abulkhir, A; Lemire, B; Nitulescu, R; Engler, K; Pexos, C; Kronfli, N*; Klein, M; Cox, J; Lebouche, B (Montreal, Canada)

Virology and Immunology

P288HIV DNA undetectability during chronic HIV infection: frequency and predictive factors
Nozza, S*; Galli, L; Gianotti, N; Galizzi, N; Poli, A; Cinque, P; Spagnuolo, V; Lazzarin, A; Tambussi, G; Castagna, A (Milan, Italy)

P289Ability of a real-time PCR to detect for the presence of HLA B*57:01 allele using DNA extracted from whole blood dried spots
Fofana, D; Calvez, V; Marcelin, A*; Maiga, A (Paris, France)

P290The effect of first-choice antiretroviral agents on mesenchymal stem cell commitment
De Rose, S*; Cazzaniga, A; Romeo, V; Maier, J; Rusconi, S (Milan, Italy)

P291Longitudinal analysis of proviral HIV-DNA
Heger, E; Peters, S; Onyuro, M; Kümmerle, T; Voigt, E; Di Cristanziano, V; Sierra, S*; Huesgen, L; Kulartz, H; Kaiser, R; Wyen, C; Knops, E (Cologne, Germany)

P292HLA-B*57:01 allele prevalence in Turkish HIV-infected patients and the value of real-time PCR allele testing compared with sequence specific primer technique
Inan, D*; Sayan, M; Deveci, A; Ucar, F (Antalya, Turkey)

P293Multicentre evaluation of two next-generation HIV-1 quantitation assays, Aptima Quant Dx and Cobas 6800, in comparison to the RealTime HIV-1 reference assay
Braun, P*; Wiesmann, F; Naeth, G; Däumer, M; Ehret, R; Kaiser, R; Noah, C; Obermeier, M; Schalasta, G; Tiemann, C; Wolf, E; Knechten, H (Aachen, Germany)

P294Week 48 resistance analyses of the once-daily, single-tablet regimen (STR) darunavir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (D/C/F/TAF) in HIV-1-infected adults from the AMBER and EMERALD phase III trials
Lathouwers, E*; Wong, E; Brown, K; Baugh, B; Ghys, A; Jezorwski, J; Van Landuyt, E; Opsomer, M; De Meyer, S (Beerse, Belgium)

P295Clinical consequences of failing PI- and DTG-based two drug combinations versus PI- and INI-based triple therapies in HIV patients without previous virological failures
Calvez, V*; Armenia, D; Charpentier, C; Santoro, M; Soulie, C; Wirden, M; Perno, C; Descamps, D; Ceccherini-Silberstein, F; Marcelin, A (Paris, France)

P296Frequent detection of drug resistance mutations by deep sequencing in patients with documented extensive resistance and long-lasting viral suppression: the proviral DNA archive remains stable for decades
Hoffmann, C*; Thielen, A; Wolf, E; Bickel, M; Stoehr, A; Braun, P; Knechten, H; Esser, S; Wyen, C; Krznaric, I; Müller, M; Brust, J; Wasmuth, J; Horst, H; Holm, S; Däumer, M (Hamburg, Germany)

P297Factors associated with virological response and resistance profile in virologically suppressed HIV-1-infected patients switching to a dual therapy containing integrase inhibitors in clinical practice
Armenia, D; Gori, C; Forbici, F; Borghi, V; Gennari, W; Bertoli, A; Giannetti, A; Cicalini, S; Mondi, A; Colafigli, M; Lichtner, M; Andreoni, M; Mussini, C; Antinori, A; Ceccherini Silberstein, F; Perno, C; Santoro, M* (Rome, Italy)

P298High prevalence of previously undocumented baseline M184V/I does not affect virological outcome in virologically-suppressed patients switching to bictegravir/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide from a boosted protease inhibitor-based regimen
Andreatta, K; Haubrich, R*; Willkom, M; Martin, R; Chang, S; Acosta, R; Liu, Y; Graham, H; Quirk, E; White, K (Foster City, USA)

P299Predicting two-drug antiretroviral regimen efficacy by genotypic susceptibility score: results from a cohort study
Rossetti, B*; Redi, D; Ciccullo, A; Lombardi, F; Paolucci, S; Bellazzai, L; Di Biagio, A; Penco, G; Lepore, L; Monno, L; Rusconi, S; Carli, T; Modica, S; Gagliardini, R; Zazzi, M; De Luca, A (Siena, Italy)

P300Prevalence of integrase inhibitor resistance mutation in patients with therapeutic failure
Viciana, I; Garcia-Perez, C; Gonzalez-Domenech, C*; Gomez-Ayerbe, C; Bardon, P; Palacios, R; Castaño, M; Del Arco, A; Tellez, F; Clavijo, E; Santos, J (Malaga, Spain)

P301Gp120 substitutions at ‘hot’ positions associated with resistance to fostemsavir in naïve HIV-1-positive individuals
Lepore, L*; Fabrizio, C; Milano, E; de Gennaro, N; Lagioia, A; Volpe, A; Scudeller, L; Saracino, A; Angarano, G; Monno, L (Bari, Italy)

P302Molecular epidemiology of HIV-1 in South Russia and neighbouring regions
Schlösser, M; Kartashev, V; Mikkola, V; Shemsura, A; Kolpakov, D; Suladze, A; Tverdokhlebova, T; Saukhat, S; Kaiser, R; Heger, E; Knops, E; Böhm, M; Hutt, K; Sierra, S* (Köln, Germany)

P303Clinical impact of virological failure and resistance analysis definitions used in pivotal clinical trials of initial antiretroviral treatment: a systematic review
Álvarez, H*; Yzusqui, M; Llibre, J (Ferrol, Spain)

P304Impact of NRTI mutations on virological efficacy of antiretroviral regimens containing elvitegravir: an ARCA-ECCO cohort study
Gagliardini, R; Modica, S; Redi, D; Giombini, E; Bezenchek, A; Di Carlo, D; Maggiolo, F; Lombardi, F; Borghetti, A; Callegaro, A; Gismondo, M; Colafigli, M; Sterrantino, G; Costantini, A; Ferrara, S; Rusconi, S; Di Giambenedetto, S; Zazzi, M; De Luca, A*; Rossetti, B; Gianotti, N (Siena, Italy)

P305Resistance mutations to protease inhibitors in proviral DNA of HIV-2-infected patients predict response to treatment
Martin, F*; Martins, A; Maia, F; Rocha, C; Borrego, P; Antunes, F; Caldeira, L; Valadas, E; Taveira, N (Lisbon, Portugal)

P306Evaluation of the application of HIV-1 genotypic drug resistance in treatment-naïve patients in Taiwan where single-tablet regimens are used as the first-line regimens
Chang, S*; Lin, P; Chang, S; Su, L; Su, Y; Liu, W; Hung, C (Taipei, Taiwan)

P307Next-generation sequencing (NGS) in routine HIV-1 resistance diagnostic: frequency of additional resistance-relevant mutations in 2% and 1% population proportions correlated to viral load and additional patient follow-ups
Ehret, R*; Moritz, A; Breuer, S; Obermeier, M (Berlin, Germany)

P308Quiescent profile of T cells from Colombian MSM with extremely high-risk sexual behaviours and HIV-1 specific CTL response
Ossa-Giraldo, A*; Blanquiceth, Y; Contreras, K; Flórez, L; Hernández, J; Zapata, W (Medellin, Colombia)

P309Cost-effective Sanger sequencing assay for detecting HIV-1 drug resistance mutations in major group-M subtypes in resource-limited settings
Clyde, K*; Chen, S; Wong, A; Tracy, L; Williams, S (South San Francisco, USA)

P310Transmission of HIV drug resistance in Tel Aviv, Israel, 2010–2017
Turner, D*; Girshengorn, S; Tau, L; Shasha, D; Rapaport, S; Katchman, E; Avidor, B (Tel Aviv, Israel)

P311Comparison of viral replication below 50 copies/mL for two-drug (DTG+RPV) versus three-drug current antiretroviral regimen (CAR) therapy in the SWORD-1 and SWORD-2 studies
Underwood, M*; Angelis, K; Wang, R; Wynne, B; Blair, E; Kahl, L; Vincent, T; Koteff, J; Aboud, M (Research Triangle Park, USA)

P312HPV-mediated cytological abnormalities and high-risk HPV genotypes associated with altered gut microbiota composition and function in cART-treated HIV-positive males
Merlini, E*; Tincati, C; Pandolfo, A; Cassani, B; Bai, F; Ancona, G; Barassi, A; Bulfamante, G; d’Arminio Monforte, A; Marchetti, G (Milan, Italy)

P313Comparison of viral replication for two-drug (DTG+RPV) versus three-drug current antiretroviral regimen (CAR) in the SWORD-1 and SWORD-2 studies
Wang, R*; Underwood, M; Koteff, J; Angelis, K; Wynne, B; Blair, E; Kahl, L; Vincent, T; Aboud, M (Research Triangle Park, USA)

P314Association of new HIV diagnoses within long-lived transmission clusters from the Malaga area (Spain)
Viciana Ramos, I; González Domenech, C*; Sena Corrales, G; Gómez Ayerbe, C; Villalobos, M; Ojeda, G; Nuño, E; Clavijo, E; Palacios Muñoz, R; Santos, J (Granada, Spain)

P315HIV-1 diversity in the Moscow region, Russia: phylodynamics of the most common subtypes
Lebedev, A; Lebedeva, N; Moskaleychik, F; Pronin, A; Kazennova, E; Bobkova, M* (Moscow, Russian Federation)
P316Effects of immune checkpoint inhibitors on HIV reservoirs and responses in patients with HIV-associated cancers
Forni, J*; Dalla-Pria, A; Ma, W; Liu, M; Immani, N; Evans, J; Newson-Davis, T; Brock, C; Xu, X; Bower, M (London, UK)

P317Western blot in treated people with HIV-1 chronic infection: frequency of negative HIV-1 pol genes
Rinaldi, F*; Rolla, S; Galli, L; Andrea, P; Bigoloni, A; Muccini, C; Mastrangelo, A; Nozza, S; Tavano, C; Clementi, M; Lazzarin, A; Bartoloni, A; Castagna, A (Florence, Italy)

P318Transient viral load increase in HIV-1-infected patients treated with the cobicistat-boosted darunavir regimen in an Italian observational, multicentre, prospective study (the TMC114FD1HTX4003 / ST.O.RE. study)
Rusconi, S*; Ripamonti, D; Gori, A; Antinori, A; Palma, M; Mancusi, D; Uglietti, A; Termini, R (Milan, Italy)

P319Persistent outbreak of the HIV-1 CRF19_cpx variant in treatment-naïve MSM patients in the Malaga area (Spain)
Viciana Ramos, I; González Domenech, C*; Mayorga, M; De La Torre Lima, J; Gómez Ayerbe, C; Castaño, M; Del Arco, A; Palacios Muñoz, R; Santos, J (Granada, Spain)

P320HIV-1 subtype diversity and international travel in Romanian people who inject drugs
Jipa, R*; Paraschiv, S; Banica, L; Otelea, D; Manea, E; Nicolae, I; Abagiu, A; Hristea, A (Bucharest, Romania)