2020 Webcast

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HIV and Obesity (view webcast)
Welcome and Introduction

Alexandra Calmy, Geneva, Switzerland
Keynote Lecture
Andrew Carr, Sydney, Australia
Fat distribution and density in people living with HIV with ≥5% weight gain
Giovanni Guaraldi, Modena, Italy
Weight gain plateaus at 24-months follow-up for ART-experienced patients that switched to dolutegravir in a Nigerian early adopter cohort
Jennifer Campbell, Boston, MA, USA and Sulaimon Akanmu, Lagos, Nigeria
Panel discussion and Q&A

COVID-19: Where are We Now and What Next? (view webcast)
Keynote Lecture

Karine Lacombe,Paris, France

Challenges and Lessons Learned. Country Perspectives (view webcast)
South Korea

Jerome Kim, Seoul, South Korea
Cristina Mussini, Modena, Italy
Santiago Moreno, Madrid Spain
Daniel Kuritzkes, Boston, MA, USA
South Africa
Mary-Ann Davies, Cape Town, South Africa
Beatriz Grinsztejn, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Panel Discussion and Q&A

Ageing, Paediatrics and Cancer (view webcast)
HIV and ageing

Eugenia Negredo, Barcelona, Spain
What is new in HIV paediatrics?
Hermione Lyall, London, UK
Cancer screening and treatment
Jean Philippe Spano, Paris, France
The relationship between smoking, CD4, viral load and cancer risk in HIV-positive adults(OIs)
Amanda Mocroft on behalf of RESPOND
Panel Discussion and Q&A

Biological, Clinical and Ethical Imperatives for Involving Diverse Women in Clinical Trials (coming soon)
In collaboration with the International AIDS Society (IAS)
Welcome and introduction
Linda-Gail Bekker, Cape Town, South Africa
Adeeba Kamarulzaman, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia
Biological considerations for including women in clinical trials
Catherine Orrell, Cape Town, South Africa
Importance of including women in trials from a programming point of view
Meg Doherty, Geneva, Switzerland
Ethical considerations: why it’s imperative to include women in clinical trials
Maggie Little, Washington, DC, USA
Motivations and experiences as women in clinical trials
Cisgender perspective: Longret Kwardem, London, UK
Transgender perspective: Michelle Ross, London, UK
Panel discussion and Q&A

90:90:90. Are the Differences Between Women and Men Changing? (view webcast)
In collaboration with the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS)/Women Against Viruses in Europe (WAVE)
Welcome and introduction
Yvonne Gilleece, Brighton, UK
90:90:90. Are the Differences Between Women and Men Changing? Case presentation
Dagny Krankowska, Warsaw, Poland
90:90:90. Are the Differences Between Women and Men Changing? Plenary presentation
Rageshri Dhairyawan, London, UK
Panel discussion and Q&A

Tuberculosis Transmission and Clinical Care (view webcast)
HIV-associated TB: an update on diagnosis and treatment
Graeme Meintjes, Cape Town, South Africa
Catching Bacilli in Flight: Direct sampling of tuberculosis aerosols
Robin Wood, Cape Town, South Africa
Panel discussion and Q&A

HIV Care in the COVID-19 Era: A Community Perspective (view webcast)
In collaboration with the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG)
Welcome and introduction
Brian West, Edinburgh, Scotland
Overview of services and impact on prevention and care and psychosocial implications on PLHIV
Ian Hodgson, Bingley, UK
Rights, emergency measures and beyond
Julian Hows, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Community responses to disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis
Raminta Stuikyte, Vilnius, Lithuania
STI and HIV testing to break the chain of infection: local innovation in the midst of COVID-19
Clare Wood, Manchester, UK
Discussion and closing remarks

Challenging Cases in HIV (view webcast)
In collaboration with the International Antiviral Society-USA (IAS-USA)
Welcome and introduction
Roy M Gulick, New York, USACase 1: COVID-19 and HIV
Alexandra Calmy, Geneva, Switzerland
Case 2: ART and weight gain in people with HIV
Marc van der Valk, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Case 3: HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
Roy M Gulick, New York, USA
Panellists: Raphael J Landovitz
, Los Angeles, CA, USA; Jean-Michel Molina, Paris, France; Chloe Orkin, London, UK

The Joep Lange and Jacqueline van Tongeren Memorial Lecture (view webcast)
Lecture dedicated to Joep Lange and Jacqueline van Tongeren in recognition of their commitment and passion to rid the world of HIV/AIDS
Linda-Gail Bekker, Cape Town, South Africa
PrEP in Practice
Jean-Michel Molina, Paris, France
Panel Discussion and Q & A
joined by Ann Sullivan, London, UK

Key questions in WLWHIV and ageing: menopause and frailty management in clinical practice (coming soon)
In collaboration with the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS) and Women Against Viruses in Europe (WAVE)
Welcome and introduction
María Jesús Pérez Elías, Madrid, Spain
Key questions in WLWHIV and ageing: menopause
Fátima Brañas, Madrid, Spain
Key questions in WLWHIV and ageing: frailty
Matilde Sánchez Conde, Madrid, Spain
Panel Discussion

Lock Lecture (view webcast)
Dominique Costagliola, Paris, France
Lock Lecture: introduction
Jackie Taylor, Glasgow, UK
Lock Lecture: Managing costs while delivering state-of-the-art HIV care and prevention
Rochelle Walensky, Boston, MA, USA
Panel Discussion and Q & A

HIV and Resistance (view webcast)
Do we need to worry about ART drug resistance anymore?
Huldrych Günthard, Zurich, Switzerland
Integrase-based first-line HIV antiretroviral treatment in the Mediterranean Resistance (MeditRes) HIV collaboration
Federico Garcia, Granada, Spain
Impact of multi-drug resistance on mortality: a multi-cohort Italian study
Roberta Gagliardini, Rome, Italy
Lenacapavir resistance analysis in a phase Ib clinical proof-of-concept study
Nicolas Margot, Foster City, CA, USA
Panel Discussion and Q & A

Interactive Case Study Session (view webcast)
In collaboration with the University of Liverpool Drug Interaction Team
Welcome and introduction
Saye Khoo, Liverpool, UK
Case 1: A 2020 vision of DDIs
Marta Boffito, London, UK
Case 2:. The ‘ibs’ and ‘abs’ of cancer
Alessia Dalla Pria, London, UK
Case 3: When options run out
Saye Khoo
Panel Discussion and Q & A

New perspectives on ART  (view webcast)
Two-drug regimens
Pedro Cahn, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Long acting injectables for ART
Marta Boffito, London, UK
Novel ART compounds
Chloe Orkin, Queen Mary University, London, UK
Islatravir in combination with doravirine maintains HIV-1 viral suppression through 96 weeks
Jean-Michel Molina, Paris, France
Safety and efficacy of cabotegravir + rilpivirine long-acting with and without oral lead-in: FLAIR Week 124 results
Chloe Orkin, London, UK
Single doses of MK-8507, a novel HIV-1 NNRTI, reduced HIV viral load for at least a week
Wendy Ankrom, West Point, PA, USA
Panel Discussion and Q & A

HIV, ART and COVID-19: interplay and interactions  (view webcast)
In collaboration with the British HIV Association (BHIVA)
Welcome & introductions 
Caroline Sabin and Laura Waters
UK community survey results
Alex Sparrowhawk, London, UK
Are antiretrovirals active against SARS-COV-2?
Andrew Owen, Liverpool, UK
Laura Waters, London, UK
Outcomes of COVID-19 related hospitalisation among people with HIV in the United Kingdom and comparison to those without HIV
Anna Maria Geretti, Liverpool, UK
Closing summary and future plans
Caroline Sabin
Panel Discussion and Q & A 

Cure Update (view webcast)
Progress towards developing an effective cure of HIV infection

Steven Deeks, University of California – San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA
HBV Cure
Mala Maini, London, UK

Emerging Topics in HIV (view webcast)
Switching to DTG/3TC fixed-dose combination (FDC) is non-inferior to continuing a TAF-based regimen (TBR) in maintaining virologic suppression through 96 weeks (TANGO study)
Stéphane De Wit, CHU St-Pierre, Brussels, Belgium
A combination of viral and participant factors influence virologic outcome to long-acting cabotegravir and rilpivirine: multivariable and baseline factor analyses across ATLAS, FLAIR, and ATLAS-2M phase III studies
David Margolis Research Triangle Park, NC, USA
Safety and immunogenicity of V114, a 15-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, in adults infected with HIV: a phase III trial
Olayemi Osiyemi West Palm Beach, FL, USA
Congress Closing Remarks
Andrew Phillips, London, UK
Brian West, Edinburgh, UK