Call for Abstracts


The abstract submission is open, click here to submit your abstract.

Abstract submission deadline: Friday 17 July 2020

Please find guidance around abstract submission (word count, format, etc.) here

COVID-19 Abstract Submissions

The Congress Committees welcome the submission of abstracts around COVID-19. A submission category has been added to the abstract site. The Congress scientific programme will feature COVID-19 content on each of the four Congress days.

Late Breakers

Late Breaker deadline: Friday 14 August 2020
To be eligible to submit a late breaker, the submitter must sent a letter of intent detailing the working title of the abstract, a short summary, and the reason why the late breaker request is being made by the regular deadline of Friday 17 July 2020. Only when this letter is acknowledged by the secretariat will a late breaker be considered.

All accepted abstracts for this Congress are published as a supplement to the Journal of the International AIDS Society.

Presentation Types

Oral Presentation within the main invited programme
Space has been set aside within the main congress programme for submitted abstracts to be presented as oral presentations. Those abstracts accepted for oral presentation will be supported by the Congress Secretariat to generate their recording which will be integrated into sessions within the programme.

Thistle Presentations
HIV Glasgow is well-known for its ‘Thistle’ posters viewed via poster discussion sessions. These will again feature and delegates will be invited to link with the presenter of the ‘Thistle’ at designated times during the congress to ask questions of the presenter in real time and hear their response. The Thistle presentation will also be available to view on demand via the Congress Portal. As well as recording a short presentation, presenters will be invited to also supply a more traditional poster if they wish.

Oral Poster Presentations
We would also like to give the opportunity for submitters with an accepted abstract to present this as a virtual oral presentation. Upon acceptance you will be invited to supply a presentation with up to 5-6 slides with audio embedded within the presentation. These will be available on demand on the portal to view at any time. This presentation type may be chosen instead of a traditional poster, or if you prefer, as well as a poster. Alternatively you may supply a poster for viewing as in previous years. If opting for the latter, you may also provide a short (3-4 minutes) audio clip to bring your poster to life. There will be the facility within the site for individuals to submit questions to presenters for them to respond too outside the portal programme.

You will be notified on acceptance which category of presentation you have been allocated

Encore Abstracts

Encore abstracts will be considered by the Committee. These abstracts, if scoring highly during peer review are unlikely to receive an oral presentation in the congress scientific programme. Abstracts scoring highly are however likely to receive a ‘thistle’ award.

If a submitted abstract is accepted for presentation, one of the authors on the abstract will be required to register for the congress and present the abstract. All abstracts will be considered for either oral or poster presentation unless you specifically opt for ‘poster only’ during the submission process.

Copyright information

All submitted abstracts submitted to the HIV Glasgow Congress are published under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence which allows third parties to share the published work (copy, distribute and transmit), and to adopt it under the condition that the authors are given credit. Authors retain the copyright of their articles.